Guingamp – TFC (2-4): did Rhys Healey deserve a red card for his hat-trick?

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While the score was still blank, Guingampais loudly demanded the exclusion of the Toulouse FC striker, author of a punch in the face from a Breton defender. The Briton stayed on the field and finished the game with three goals to his name. Did the referees make the right decision at the time? Elements of response with key stakeholders’ testimonials.

“I really do apologize to him. I didn’t mean to hurt him.’ Signed Rhys Healey, at the foot of the bus in the parking lot of the Roudourou Stadium more than half an hour after the debates ended.

The action caused a lot of ink to flow… Magneto. We play the 12and minute, this Saturday afternoon on the green meadow of the Rouge et Noir, and along the sideline, at the height of the central circle, in front of the fourth referee, the Téfécist striker Healey is behind by the young central Costa Rican Vitelli.

Pigeon egg for Arthur Vitelli

The central referee Mr. Rémi Landry whistles a free kick for Toulouse, but play cannot be resumed immediately. It’s not for nothing that the Guingampais remains on the ground, stunned, bloodied face. The reps are formal: the goalscorer’s right elbow touches the left cheekbone of his vis-à-vis – a beautiful pigeon’s egg at the finish.

The concussion protocol is activated; Arthur Vitelli, who has to take extra exams on Monday, has been replaced. And, step by step, in numerical superiority, the Tef to open the score! Enough to annoy the Bretons who had just unsuccessfully demanded the expulsion of de Toulousain, who had also not been warned on the spot by the meeting’s referee.

So, had Rhys Healey been told by Mr. Landry should be sent back to the locker room?…

For the En-Avant coach, there is no doubt: “I am not going to dwell on this fact of the game, Stéphane Dumont regrets, but I just see that the player who scores us three goals must be released after 15 minutes.”

Montanier: “I’m not going to do the referee’s job!”

What does his counterpart, Philippe Montanier, think? “I haven’t seen the pictures, no. Now I am in live and I don’t feel like he wants to hurt anyone. Does Rhys want to protect himself? get free?… I don’t know. I’ve had enough of my coaching job, interrupted by a pirouette from the coach of Haut-Garonne, I’m not going to do that of the referee!

The left piston of the EAG Stephen Quemper puts forward another hypothesis: “We are more likely to make a mistake, so the referee cannot rule out the opponent.” While his team-mate and brilliant number 10, Youssouf M’Changama, closes the case: “If the refereeing decisions have changed the situation… There is no VAR (video support) on L2. That’s how it is and we know what to do with it [ou plutôt sans, en l’occurrence]† There’s no point in worrying about it.”

Class, on and off the field.

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