Hard blow for the Blues

The title holders will have to make do with a contingent of supporters of the smallest during the World Cup in Qatar. Blame the unaffordable prices.

Qatar is out for another controversy, a few months before an already much-criticized World Cup. Until recently, criticism focused mainly on the plight of the workers who built the stadiums and the environmental costs of the air-conditioned fencing. But since the opening of the box office and the draw, discontent among the supporters has increased. Consequence of the prices charged, especially for accommodation and transport.

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The second phase of the counter is open for eight days. While more than 800,000 tickets were sold in the first phase between January 19 and February 8, spectators can now purchase tickets for a single match, packs that allow them to follow a team through the group stage or into the final stage if it qualifies and packs give access to four matches in four different stadiums.

For spectators from abroad, individual ticket prices range from 62 to 200 euros for a match in the first round, depending on the category. The prices then vary from 85 to 242 euros for a round of 16 and then from 182 to 375 euros for a quarterfinal. It will cost between 315 and 843 euros for a semi-final and between 550 and 1460 euros for the final. Although the lowest prices are slightly lower than in Russia, prices are on average 30% more expensive than in 2018.

When we are 50 in Qatar it will already be exceptional

But the bulk of the cost of the supporters present in Qatar should be related to housing. While the country expects 1.2 million supporters, including up to 276,000 on the weekend of November 27 and 28, only 130,000 beds are available, of which 40,000 are in hotels. With rates worldwide three times higher than those in Russia.

“In Russia we were 600, when we are 50 in Qatar it is already exceptional” warned Anne Costes, vice president of the Irrésistibles Français group, explaining: For example, I’ve done all the matches since the 2006 World Cup and I’m not going to Qatar because it’s way too expensive. For example, attending the final means a loss of 3,000 euros! 620 euros for a match ticket (compared to 400 in Russia), about 1500 euros for the plane ticket and Qatar forces us to take at least three nights on site, which is unprecedented and absurd if we risk missing accommodation. As a result, the bill increases very quickly. †

“You can only book accommodation if you have match ticketsshe continued. But you have to wait until May 31 to see if we were able to get a ticket. I have no guarantee that accommodation will be left by then and the cheapest accommodation is far from Doha. † Sometimes even in the desert where a campsite should be. “Indeed, a campsite is offered but nothing is explained, we just see a tent in the desert without knowing the services”, still regretted Anne Costes.

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