Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising gets a release date, new visuals, and introduces the protagonists

The fans of the license Suikoden waiting for the arrival ofEiyuden Chronicle: One Hundred Heroeswhich is desired and should not be released before 2023. In the meantime we will be able to discover Eiyuden Chronicle: Risinga spin-off announced toE3 2021 shaped like a RPG in 2.5D in horizontal scrolling, including management because it is necessary to take care of a city. We know since then his trailer for TGS 2021 that it would be released in the spring and also on Switch. Well, the editor 505 games gives us news about him and we now have a fixed date.

Eiyuden Chronicle Rising 01 12 04 2022

Thereby, Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is expected on May 10 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch, and PC (SteamEGS and GOG), with a stipulation day one in the Xbox Game Pass and the PC Game Pass† A presentation of the game can be read below:

After an earthquake opens up the runic mounds beneath the town of New Nevaeh, the Allraan region is ravaged by adventurers and merchants seeking wealth. Among them, three heroes meet: CJ, the honorable treasure hunter, and Garoo, the anthropomorphic mercenarywho hope to find the Rune lens, source of magic, whileIsha, young deputy mayorwants to rebuild his city.

Diving into the depths of the earth allows players to experience the most satisfying battles based on dash, quick attacks with CJ, ranged spells with Isha and awesome sword swings with Garoo. Beating the bosses requires agility. Switching characters on the fly makes it possible to activate devastating combos and special powers, all in a stunning 2.5D environment.

By prowling the nooks and crannies of dungeons and collecting materials along the way, our heroes will restore New Neveah to its former glory. All this work will benefit players who then jump into Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes sometime in 2023. Cosmetics, special equipment and merchandise will also be transferable.

Within the runic burial mounds lies a deepest plot that will have repercussions throughout the Eiyuden Chronicle universe. Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising prepares players for what lies ahead in the Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes adventure.

In addition, some new images and descriptions of the trio of protagonists can be found on the next page.

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