League of Legends – Targamas: “Fnatic decides what happens”

“What made the difference against Fnatic on Saturday night?
It doesn’t really matter. In the first round, also in the fourth, we have a small lead, we lose it… It could have turned out in our favour. We could have executed our compositions better, played certain team fights better… Even in numerical inferiority they managed to take someone from us. They’ve also mastered the midgame better, the dragons… We’ve seen them take control too much, it caused a lot of problems.

What did G2 miss to bring down this team?
In this meeting we mainly looked for answers, we did not initiate enough movements. Even the round we won, we had a good draft, but they offered themselves in a loop. It allowed us to be properly installed in the game, given the ability to control the map, but not create the game. Fnatic decides what happens.

“Last year, at the summer split, we had to prove that we had our place in the LEC. There, I’m here and I’m playing to get even higher, to compete against the best teams in the world”

Is it worrying for the future, this sense of mastery in the adversary?
Yes and no, because Fnatic remains the strongest team in Europe together with Rogue. There has been a three-week hiatus since the end of the regular season, we weren’t sure where to put them. But we expected it to be a very good team. And I’m glad I didn’t lose the game in the track: it’s a good point for us, we had a decent game with Flakked (Victor Lirola) on the bot.

We’ve proven we can stand up to this duo of Upset (Elias Lipp) – Hylissang (Zdravets Iliev Galabov) and there aren’t many of us in Europe who can. It’s played on team play, the way of maneuvering team fights… We’re going to play less strong formations than Fnatic in the loser round (from a double elimination table in the LEC playoffs), so I’m not worried. At least they don’t scare me. Vitality can hurt, but I see us exaggerated now.

In an interview, Rasmus “caps” Winther, your teammate, explained that Fnatic still had flaws. What are they ?
In fact, they are very good at taking over the map. Moreover, Humanoid (Marek Brazda) helps them a lot with that, they said. And if you fall behind against Fnatic, it’s different from other teams because they know how to speed up the game. On the other hand, if they don’t have the advantage at the start of the match, they tend to push too hard and give themselves. They don’t change the way they play while if you don’t control the map it can’t work as well. I feel the key against them is to take control early.

More personally, how did you experience this meeting and its preparation? It’s your first BO5 (match in three winning sets) since your arrival at G2 and your return to the LEC, also against rival Fnatic…
I’ve played high voltage BO5s before, especially with the Karmine last year, but what I felt this week was different, even stronger. It wasn’t stress but excitement: I’m in the big leagues, I’m going to compete against Fnatic and if we win three matches, we’re going to South Korea to play the MSI (Mid-Season Invitational, International Mid-Season tournament) – season). It’s crazy.

Last year, at the summer split, we had to prove we had our place in the LEC. There I am and I play to get even higher, to compete against the best teams in the world. And Fnatic is one of them. I felt quite comfortable during the match, this safety net represented by the losers bracket helps a bit mentally. I didn’t feel pressured, I’m happy with what we’ve done, especially on the bottom lane… We’ve proven we can compete. We will take things away from this defeat, now we will have to adapt. †

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