Germany plans to purchase an anti-missile shield

According to the daily newspaper Bild, the system, inspired by the Israeli “Iron Dome”, would cost about 2 billion euros and be operational from 2025 from three locations in Germany.

The German government, convinced by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to invest heavily in defense, is considering purchasing an Israeli missile defense system, the newspaper said on Sunday. Image

The decision has not yet been formally taken, but the Social Democratic Party of Chancellor Olaf Scholz, the main formation of the ruling coalition, is in favor of it, according to Germany’s most widely read daily newspaper.

“We need to better protect ourselves against the Russian threat. For this we need a Germany-wide anti-missile shield quickly,” explains in Image the Bundestag’s rapporteur for the defense budget, Andreas Schwarz.

Powerful enough to cover Poland, Romania and the Baltic States

“The Israeli Arrow 3 system is a good solution,” he adds of this Israeli anti-missile device designed to counter long-range missiles.

According to Imagethe system, inspired by the Israeli “Iron Dome”, would cost around 2 billion euros and could be operational from three locations in Germany from 2025.

In fact, the shield would be powerful enough to cover Poland, Romania and the Baltic states as well.

“We can extend the Iron Dome over our neighboring countries. We would play a key role for the security of Europe,” says Andreas Schwarz in abundance.

“Given the threat and the different weapon systems that Russia has at its disposal, it is of course necessary to be interested in them, that makes sense,” confirmed in the wake with the daily World the President of the Defense Committee in the Bundestag, Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann (FDP, Liberal).

100 billion euros more for Defence

“There are several options, especially since this shield is built for a very specific missile, fired at a very high altitude, arriving from space, and which a conventional defense system cannot do anything about. It is therefore important to deal with it as soon as possible.” to go.” , before visiting Israel, adds the elected official, whose party, the FDP, is one of the members of the ruling coalition.

After years of underinvestment, Germany made a historic turnaround in late February, following the shocking invasion of Ukraine by the Russian military.

Olaf Scholz announced on February 27, a few days after the Russian offensive, an exceptional envelope of 100 billion euros to modernize the army, and the target of exceeding 2% of military expenditure in GDP.

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