Mbappe transfer – Kylian Mbappe drives Madrid crazy, start panic

At Real Madrid we are still clinging to the idea of ​​bringing Kylian Mbappe back next summer. Nevertheless, impatience and nervousness are due to Kylian Mbappé’s statements and subsequently strategy. The latter has the cards in hand in the file.

After Alfred Hitchcock we hold on Kylian Mbappe the new master of suspense, who likes to play with the emotions of millions of people. As in any gripping soap opera, the PSG player loves to tie up the twists and turns about his future. Announced to leave for Real Madrid in June next year, he has lately tried to calm the rumors by asking for patience with his decision. He announced it would take place soon, but there are fears in Madrid that it could be a sign of a volte-face by the Parisian. The only thing that is certain is that Kylian Mbappe has not signed anything for next season.

No Real-Mbappé contract, so PSG is preparing its own contract

The Madrid sports newspaper Marca confirms this, which indicates in its columns that there is no signed agreement between Kylian Mbappé and Real Madrid, contrary to what was announced a few weeks ago. But we want to keep faith in Madrid and explain that the player’s entourage wants this transfer. † His relatives continue to assure that Real “has every possibility” to sign him, some going so far as to assure that he still wants to play there, and the same have also denied that there was an agreement with PSG to sign him. . “Explains this Sunday Marca.

The Madrid club should be wary, however, as Spanish journalist Guillem Balague recently reported on a new offer from PSG to tip the ball. The Paris management project: offer his player a two-year contract to keep him at least for the time of the World Cup in Qatar. Behind that would be the unwritten promise to release him in the summer of 2023 if he wants to leave, an option linked to the ban on release clauses in France. Kylian Mbappé has all the keys to make his choice between the issue of image rights currently being debated with Real, the sports project, the will of those around him, his ambitions and his dreams. A complex decision, but one that has the merit of being as complete as Kylian Mbappé’s game.

Kylian Mbappe signs another hat-trick at PSG

Meanwhile, the Paris Saint-Germain star doesn’t seem to be bothered by the situation at all, judging by his hat-trick against Clermont on Saturday night. A new masterclass from Kylian Mbappe approaching with incredible speed the record of Edinson Cavani, author of 200 goals in the PSG jersey before leaving for Manchester United. At this insane pace, the former Monegasque could go down in Ligue 1 history by becoming the first footballer to become top scorer and top assistant in the same season. Hoping for our championship that it won’t be a last dance before we start to amaze La Liga.

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