Nice explodes at Bollaert against euphoric Lensois

Free kick for Nice

Delort hits hard, well above Leca’s goal.


Also Nice will end their match at 10am! In the penalty area of ​​Lens, the defensive midfielder arrives late to Doucouré, who cleared the ball in the distance. Mr Delajod does not hesitate to issue a second yellow card. This match will take place at 10 against 10!



AND LENS EVEN MAKES THE PAUSE AT 10 AGAINST 11! The Lensois do not hesitate to attack, while the Aiglons no longer know how to defend. Doucouré is served back, 20 meters away, and puts in a beautiful curling shot. Benitez is defeated: 2-0!

Kalimuendo served by Frankowski!

The striker can’t really bring the ball into the penalty area before he is taken over with authority by Dante. De Lensois claim a penalty, play continues.

Nice almost called

The Aiglons do not know how to react to this scenario and completely thwart it … even leaving room for the Lensois again.



The perfect start to the second half for the Sang et Or! In a new well-constructed attack, Da Costa is searched thoroughly. His center is reversed by Benitez… and returns to Kalimuendo, finishing with a nice shot!

Lemina also warned

De Lensois handled the second half better and caused major problems for the people of Nice with every ball. Lemina has to make a mistake towards the halfway line and in turn is shown a yellow card.

The game resumes!

The second period kicks off with a new participant: Kalimuendo for the Blood and Gold (instead of Ganago). And the young striker immediately stands out, with a good call to the ball and a shot… that goes over the goal!

Better in 2nd period?

Bad news for RC Lens: OGC Nice are used to doing much better in the 2nd period, with the best goal ratio in L1 compared to the first half.

The reactions to Canal+ at the break

sotoca : “We weren’t good at eleven against eleven. Moreover, we take this red card … It makes you grumble because we had intentions. Unfortunately at 10 against 11 it is a bit more complicated. We hold on, we defend well and we We’ll see in the second half. We’ll try to counterattack to annoy them a little bit.”

lemina : “We should not give in to panic and play too fast. They will want to provoke us. It is normal. It is up to us to show in these matches that we are mature enough to manage them and score that goal that will allow us to in front. A lot of movement is needed between the lines, it’s up to us to do what needs to be done.”

The break in Lens, which still holds

No goal at halftime between Lens and Nice, after a last yellow card against Gouiri, very annoyed by the scenario at the start of the match. Lens has been reduced to 10 since the 17th minute, but at least holds the draw.


What a ball for Kluivert. On a cross from Dante, who had quietly projected to 30 meters, Justin Kluivert appeared at the post… without getting the ball sufficiently straight. His shot ends the side net.

Atal leaves due to injury

The Nice side has been hurt by wanting to play on the shoulder with a Lensois, far from the ball. He has to give way to Lotomba before the end of this first period.

Da Costa on the other hand!

The attacking midfielder benefits from a quick attack and comes within sixteen meters of Nice. His hook is a little too long and allows the defense to intervene. The corner is then captured by Benitez.

Lens muted

The Sang et Or struggle to get the ball from their half of the field. If the odds in favor of the Aiglons aren’t clear yet, Lens seems to struggle to keep up with inferiority.

The center of Atal…

The side finds Todibo within sixteen yards of the RCL. His recovery is perfectly captured by Leca.

The game resumes

Gouiri misses his cross on the free kick to be kicked and Lens can breathe a little. The atmosphere remains electric in the stadium.

Delajod discusses

The referee tries to calm the enthusiasm of the two teams, especially by conferring with Dante and Fofana, and orders some projectile throws. The game is suspended pending an announcement from the announcer.

Doucouré informed

The tension remains between the Nice and the Lensois, with Bard putting in a lot of effort to get the ball back, twice… before being tackled heavily by Doucouré. The midfielder has been warned and will be suspended against LOSC.

Ooooh Gouiri… defeated by Leca!

What a performance by the keeper of RC Lens! Jean-Louis Leca quickly lands at the feet of Gouiri, who had inherited the ball after a good attacking combination between Delort, Guessand and Gouiri. De Niçois has no time to shoot on target.

Strike of Guessand up to 20 meters!

The Aiglons striker took advantage of a high ball recovery to turn and quickly hit the target. It’s too squashed and next to the frame. Unfortunately.

Kluivert on the corner

Nearby, Guessand fails to hit the target due to a good performance by Leca, but still gets a corner… which doesn’t really worry Lens. Despite everything, the Sang et Or have suffered since kick-off.

Haidara’s foot on Atal’s knee

For the referee, even though Haidara was the first to touch the ball, his gesture went unchecked after that… mainly because of this very dangerous foot, which landed on the knee of the Nice side.

Red against Haidara!?

Mr. Delajod has made up his mind and sends a direct red card to the piston of the RCL, which struggled to get up. Lens will have to continue the match at 10am!

Delort still wanted…

The former Montpellier player was alone in front of goal, but he is just a little too small to pass the ball.

In the aftermath, Atal and Haïdara violently clash. Both players need treatment and it seems more painful for de Lensois.

Center for Delort

De Niçois again make the difference on the left, this time with Gouiri hitting the far post. Delort is ashamed of placing his head and cannot find the frame.

Council and of the head!

The OGCN striker is wanted by Bard on the nearest post. He makes a small mistake on Danso, on his marker. Lens may pop out.

Sotoca right side

The attacker gets the depth and tries hard to center in front of the goal. Dante is missing, without this not benefiting the Lensois behind it.

Nice comes to rest

It is the Niçois de Galtier who have the game in this match on their own for the time being. De Lensois play quite low, carefully and try to use fast transitions.

First strike by Gouiri

The Aiglons immediately created danger in this match with a shot from outside Gouiri’s penalty area… well pushed back by Leca in front of his goal, after a vicious rebound.

Let’s go to Lens!

The kick-off is in this match between two four-letter teams: Lens-Nice, it’s about to begin!

Franck Haise is looking for balance

The Sang et Or coach hopes to see his balance in the game in the final games of this season, as he explained before the match on Canal +: “It is not the ranking that makes me proud of my team, but that is what we’re going to give until the last minute of the game against Monaco since the first of the game against Nice… Lately we’ve been better defensively, but we’re also a bit less good at animation and efficiency.Balance is the eternal quest .”

Galtier: “We are rather doomed”

At the microphone of Canal +, the Nice coach made a direct observation about the form of his team… and the urgent need to get good results: “We are quite dying. for this end of the championship to have a European We’ll have to play this game, we’ll have to watch the balance, but I hope we’ll get the Lensoise defense in trouble.

Monaco puts pressure on Lens… and Nice?

It’s over in the 3pm multiplex in Ligue 1 with a very important result for the top of the standings: Monaco’s 2-1 win over Troyes. The Principality players are perfectly back in the race for European places, now just one point behind Nice.

Lens’ last win at home against Nice…

It was in Amiens, at the Stade de la Licorne, while Félix-Bollaert was busy organizing Euro 2016. Lens had won 2-0 (Cyprien and Coulibaly) in a season marked by the club’s descent to the league 2.

An offensive Nice in Lens

Christophe Galtier sets up a 442 with four attacking players, including Guessand at the forefront of the attack alongside Andy Delort.

The Eleven of the Eagles : Benitez – Bard, Dante, Todibo, Atal – Gouiri, Rosario, Lemina, Kluivert – Delort, Guessand.

Sotoca holder for the Lensois

Jonathan Clauss was left on the bench by Franck Haise, as was Kalimuendo.

The elf of blood and gold : Leca – Danso, Gradit, Medina – Haïdara, Fofana, Doucouré, Frankowski – Pereira Da Costa – Ganago, Sotoca.

Nice must win to believe in the podium

After their victory yesterday on the lawn of Reims (2-3), the Rennais took the lead and temporarily settled in 2nd place, 5 points ahead of the Aiglons. The players of Christophe Galtier therefore have no choice if they still want to hope for a podium place. But conversely, the Lensois also needs to progress quickly to end the season with Europe in its sights. Kick-off of the match at Bollaert at 17:05 this Sunday afternoon!

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