Cesla Amarelle: an incredible autogoal for the left from Vaudois


The Left Alliance had enough resources to maintain the majority in the canton of Vaud this Sunday. But her electorate turned its back on one of her elected officials in a completely incomprehensible way.

A compact mood, they said.  Eventually Cesla Amarelle was traced throughout the municipality.

A compact mood, they said. Eventually Cesla Amarelle was traced throughout the municipality.


The results of this second round of the Vaud elections to the Council of State showed that the left managed to mobilize its troops, as the first two places went to outgoing Socialist State Councilors Nuria Gorrite and Rebecca Ruiz with more than 90,000 votes and 55 % of the votes. This is much more than Christelle Luisier (PLR) who was elected by 50% in the first round. The environmentalist Vassilis Venizelos, who was by no means the bookmakers’ favourite, managed to get back into the race, moving from 9th to 6th place.

16,000 votes behind

So everything should be fine. After the miserable participation in the first round, in Lausanne, 9,000 people still voted this Sunday. The pink-green alliance has been on the turbo since March 20. The call was launched to vote compactly on both the left and the right. How then do you explain that Cesla Amarelle is 16,000 votes behind her colleague Nuria Gorrite?

Admittedly, Cesla Amarelle is not the most popular elect, she is more intellectual, more conceptual at the head of the Department of Education, Youth and Culture, but still… Judging by the results, this is not the case. the left who had a bad result in the canton of Vaud, but the ones who literally let go and tracked down Cesla Amarelle. The left had enough resources this Sunday to maintain the majority. But her electorate incomprehensibly turned away from one of her elected officials. This situation is a sinking, which will leave traces in the mind.

Half-hearted victory on the right

The right therefore seizes the opportunity to recapture the majority. But here, too, the first lap victory is not as nice as hoped: that is, completely passing the band of five. These elections were marked by the creation of an alliance between the PLR, the UDC and the Center. The five candidates campaigned together like a bunch of buddies. Today’s schoolboy adventure leaves a friend on the floor, who according to his expression “has one eye that laughs and one that cries”.

Michaël Buffat will not take over the chair from Jean-Claude Mermoud, who died in 2011. It is an almost unknown person of Zug descent, Valérie Dittli, 29, fully supported by the PLR, who puts his politeness to the test. The UDC candidate has not been unworthy of this campaign, where he may have first appeared as a likeable person. But between the two rounds, he lost 7,000 votes to Valérie Dittli. Which, like Cesla Amarelle, also questions the mysteries of the compact mood.

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