Pro D2 – The Probable Compositions of the 26th Day of Pro D2

Discover in preview the likely compositions for the 26th day of Pro D2, which starts tonight with the match between Béziers and Oyonnax and continues until this Friday evening and the meeting between Aurillac and Mont-de-Marsan.

Colomiers – Narbonne

Colomiers’ probable starting XV: 15. Seat belt; 14. Rokoduguni, 13. Campagnaro, 12. Deysel, 11. Saurs; 10. Javaux, 9. Seguela; 7. Ponpon, 8. Lescure, 6. Coletta (cap.); 5. Ricard, 4. Thomas; 3. Pirlet, 2. Saaidia, 1. Dubois.

substitutions: 16. Elliot, 17. Djehi, 18. Granouillet, 19. Chateau, 20. Nicot, 21. Gori, 22. Palisson, 23. Sheklashvili.

infirmary : Yann Peysson was unlucky to twist his ankle with the hopefuls after his knee injury. Still in third line, Romain Bézian is unlikely to return for the season due to the complication during his knee surgery. Pierre-Samuel Pacheco will resume contact next week. Edoardo Gori is back from his concussion while Johan Deysel is recovering. Aldric Lescure is continuing with a second match sheet after his five-month absence.

Narbonne’s probable starting XV: 15.Ducom; 14. E. Ducom, 13. Nueno, 12. Lebraud, 11. Namy; 10. Pialot, 9. Chaput; 7. Belzons, 8. Axtens, 6. Madaule (cap.); 5.Kbaier, 4.Plaza; 3. Loudet, 2. Rocher, 1. Martinez.
Substitutions: 16. Vaca, 17. Abadie, 18. Fortune, 19. Caffo, 20. Nova, 21. Méret, 22. Maraku, 23. Cotet.

infirmary : slap in the back Pierre-Hugo Ducom gives way to his brother. Etienne Ducom, who is therefore returning to the Colomiers lawn after more than seven months of absence after an ankle injury. More fear than evil for the second line Fortune (hit in the shoulder against Béziers) who are already sitting on the bench of substitutes. Also note the return of Carl Axtens. Dennis Visser is not yet available (calf) just like Saia Fekitoa, Kimami Sitauti, Pierre Justes, Save Totovosau, Mohamed Boughanmi, Geoffrey Moise and Théo Castinel.

Bayonne – Bourg-en-Bresse

Bayonne’s probable starting XV: 15. Germain; 14. Duhau, 13. Maqala, 12. Tuava, 11. Baget; 10. Lafage, 9. Rouet of Zabalza; 7. Heguy, 8. Taofifenua, 6. Usarraga; 5. Mikautadze, 4. Marchois; 3. Chelidze, 2. Delonca or Ulugia, 1. Perch.
substitutions: 16. Ulugia or Ortolan, 17. Cormenier, 18. Luamanu, 19. Hourcade, 20. Zabalza or Venter, 21. Ordas, 22. Lestrade, 23. Mousset.
infirmary : Tevita Tatafu (rupture of the internal lateral ligament of the knee) sees his season come to an end. Just like Théo Costosseque (low back pain) and Peyo Muscarditz (ankle). Chris Talakai (dislocated elbow) is out for another two to three weeks. Jean Monribot (cervical) is absent for a week. Mickaël Ruru will be operational in eight days. Guillaume Rouet (concussion) and Maxime Delonca (blow to the head) are unsure.

The probable starting XV of Bourg-en-Bresse: 15. Meliande; 14. De Fleurian, 13. Badet, 12. Hingano, 11. Dupont; 10. Viard, 9. Faure; 7. Baradel (cap.), 8. Benedict, 6. Darlet; 5. Veyret, 4. Flowers; 3. De Clercq, 2. Anga Aelangi, 1. Kapanadze

substitutions: 16. Julien, 17. Martin, 18. Antonescu, 19. Seuvou, 20. Furno, 21. Graulle, 22. Doy, 23. Harmse.

infirmary : another blow with a ruptured biceps tendon for Quentin Drancourt. He therefore joins the injured list: Damian Arias (knee), Franjo Bordewie (tear), Matt Beukeboom (shoulder), Adrien Buatier (ankle, season ended), TJ Ioane (crutch), Dimitri Jean-Étienne (malleoli , season ended ) and Théo William (arch of the foot), Titouan Guilon (knee, season ended) and Audrey Soubeyrand (knee). Lucas Lyons (knee) and Florent Campeggia (calf) have been preserved.

Grenoble – Montauban

Grenoble’s probable starting XV: 15. Capuzzo; 14. Qadiri, 13. Seguret, 12. Ba. Ezcurra, 11. Dupont; 10. Barthelemy, 9. Fe. Ezcurra; 7. White-Mappaz (cap.), 8. Muarua, 6. Halaifonua; 5. Vine, 4. Lainault; 3. Kaikatsishvili, 2. Gimenez, 1. Zhvania.

deputies : 16. Orioli, 17. Gauthier, 18. Madeira, 19. Schoeman, 20. Escande, 21. Manu, 22. Farnoux, 23. Aptsiauri

infirmary : The most important information concerns Jean-Charles Orioli, as the hooker appears in the group for the first time this season, following his Achilles tendon injury in preparation. Captain Steeve Blanc-Mappaz also just found the bracelet and a starting place in Grenoble’s third line. As for Antonin Berruyer (ankle) and Thibaut Martel (knee), we’ll have to wait a little longer to see them in the 23.

Montauban’s probable starting XV: 15. Tucule; 14. Matawalu, 13. Mathy, 12. Tupuola, 11. Vici; 10. Bosviel, 9. Stirzaker; 7. Munoz, 8. Meafua, 6. Quercy (cap.); 5. Malafosse, 4. Uanivi; 3. C. Vaotoa, 2. Feltrin, 1. Agnesic

substitutions: 16. Firmin, 17. Tufele, 18. Paulino, 19. Pueyo, 20. Delord, 21. Pourteau, 22. Le Gall, 23. Burduli.

Rugby of Provence – Vannes

Provence Rugby’s probable starting XV: 15. Solid; 14. Sau, 13. Bush, 12. Marrou, 11. Bly; 10. Bezy, 9. Ruru; 8. Viiga (cap.), 7. Annetta, 6. Mousties; 5. Flanquart, 4. Dufour; 3. Lolohea, 2. Kessler, 1. Wegrzyn.

deputies : 16. Jammes, 17. Toth, 18. Malet, 19. Witt, 20. Bau, 21. Selponi, 22. Betham, 23. Tagi.

infirmary : the second line Hans Nkinsi is still injured and will not be in the group against Vannes tonight. Just like the center Théo Bélan, also absent from Grenoble and who has yet to miss this game. On the other hand, the technical staff records with satisfaction the return of the third line Charles Malet. An undeniable additional advantage for Black at the start of this final sprint, allowing them to enter the final stages for the first time in their history

Vannes’ starting XV: 15. Abendanone; 14. Dridi, 13. Freitas, 12. Rabut, 11. Duplenne; 10. Hilsenbeck, 9. Paige; 7. Gorrissen, 8. J. Edwards (Cap.), 6. Picault; 5. Brands, 4. Leroux; 3. Ah you, 2. Leafa, 1. Bordelai.

substitutions: 16. Suta, 17. Bordelai, 18. Johnson, 19. M. Edwards, 20. Bazin, 21. Pagès, 22 Floch, 23. Tafili.

Infirmary: Of the group defeated by Rouen in the last act, only four players regain their starting place: Nick Abendanon, Erwan Dridi, Christopher Hilsenbeck and Patrick Léafa. Four others go from the field to the bench: Ewan Johnson, Myles Edwards, Grégoire Bazin and Pierre Pagès. Six players have been recalled from the case: Nicolas Freitas, Maëlan Rabut, Gwenaël Duplenne, Wandrille Picault, Eric Marks, Rodney Ah You, while Rodrigo Bruni, Matthys Gratien, Jérémie Abiven, Ambrose Curtis are being rested.

Agen – Rouen

The starting XV of Agen: 15.Tolot; 14. Rokoduru, 13. Sloan, 12. Ramoka, 11. Railevu; 10.Lagarde, 9.Takulua; 7. Farré (cap.), 8. Devergie, 6. Lokotui; 5. Demotte, 4. Maravat; 3. Ryan, 2. Zarantonello, 1. Guion.

substitutions: 16. Barka, 17. Lombard-Buret, 18. Farrance, 19. Vernet, 20. Duputs, 21. Graou, 22. Gerber, 23. Desmaison.

infirmary : the infirmary is almost empty on the side of SU Agen. Apart from the four long-term injuries (Iban Etcheverry, Jean-Marcellin Buttin, Laurence Pearce and Jessy Jegerlehner), no player has been injured. Malino Vanaï is slowly recovering from his knee injury in Aurillac. Ditto, Loris Tolot, Clement Martinez and Thomas Vincent, long insecure, can apply. Only Mathieu Lamoulie, victim of a K.-O. in Montauban, have to respect a break of three weeks. He resumes against Nevers, at home.

Rouen’s starting XV: 15. Lydon (cap.); 14. Tuatagaloa, 13. Lafond, 12. Luatua, 11. Megdoud; 10. Wait, 9. Baska; 7. Costa, 8. Mapapalangi, 6. Maximin; 5. Kerry, 4. Leleu; 3. H. N’Diaye, 2. Ngauamo, 1. Asieshvili.

substitutions: 16. Lesueur, 17. Fournier, 18. Giraud, 19. W. N’Diaye, 20. Lezat, 21. Peleseuma, 22. Surano, 23. Tsoporashvili.

infirmary : Rouen has not lost a new player, at least not for long periods. We saw the center John Thomas Jackson still limping heavily, which doesn’t bode well for the end of the season and the pillar blocking Dylan Jacquot from the neck, which shouldn’t be in Agen this time. Always stay on the side, the attackers Tiené Burger, Fabien Dorey, Psalm Wooching. And on the other side of the field, three quarters, Taylor Gontineac, Erwan Nicolas and still Shane O’Leary.

Nevers – Carcassonne

The starting XV of Nevers: 15.Jaminet; 14. Camou, 13. Silago, 12. Derrieux, 11. White; 10. Reynolds, 9. Cazenave; 7. Kazubek, 8. Adendorff, 6. Plataret; 5. Fabrègue, 4. Ceyte (or Bradshaw); 3. Mudariki, 2. Tarrit (cap.), 1. Curie.

substitutions: 16. Hamel, 17. Kitutu, 18. Bradshaw (or Ceyte), 19. Fraser, 20. Bastide (or Rorke, or Menoret), 21. Manevy, 22. Bonvalot, 23. Kharaishvili.

infirmary : touched in Aurillac, the left pillar Tornike Mataradze is spared. Hooker Janick Tarrit, who came into play in Cantal, becomes holder and captain again. The infirmary is always empty; Thomas Ceyte returns to the second line after two months of absence, while the three-quarter line sees the return of Aviata Silago and Romaric Camou, in care since the 23rd and 21st day respectively. The three-quarter wing Christian Ambadiang should apply within two to three weeks.

The starting XV of Carcassonne: 15. Giant; 14. Dulon, 13. Vaitulukina, 12. Martocq, 11. Tui; 10. Mc Philips, 9. Marked; 7. Huguet, 8. Agaba, 6. Doumenc (cap.); 5. Landman, 4. Van der Merwe; 3. Boyadjis, 2. Castant, 1. Futeu.

substitutions: 16. Amrouni, 17. Sauveterre, 18. Manchia, 19. Reynaud, 20. Anon, 21. Jazeix, 22. Mouchous, 23. Azar.

infirmary : USC received the qualifier from Emmanuel Vaitulukina, the center of hope of Usap, Jordan Puletua’s medical joker will evolve within the offensive line. For this trip, the management renews its confidence in the winning group from Colomiers. Depending on weather conditions, the substitution bench may consist of six attackers and two backline players.

Aurillac – Mont-de-Marsan

Aurillac’s starting XV: 15. Gogoladze; 14. Minguillon, 13. Niko, 12. Vaccaro, 11. Coertzen; 10. Palm Tree, 9. Hugo; 7. Roussel (cap.), 8. Tison, 6. Maituku; 5.Javakhia, 4.Tivoli; 3. Daniel Messein 2. Lachaud, 1. Plantier.

substitutions: 16. Nioradze, 17. Royer, 18. Rolland, 19. Motoc, 20. Profit, 21. Delarue, 22. Neisen, 23. Seyrolles.

infirmary : Rhema Sagote (ankle), Pierre Le Huby (Achilles tendon), Steeve Moukete (knee) and Giorgi Tsutskiridze (knee) are out until the end of the season. Christa Powell (ankle) has to wait a few more days. Note the ankle injury, at the start of the week, from hooker Adrian Smith that should keep him off the field for a few days. On the other hand, back to training for the pillar Lucas Seyrolles and the winger Albert Valentin, and many young people again in training. Some will probably enter the twenty-three soon.

The start XV of Mont-de-Marsan: 15. From Nardi; 14. Bento, 13. Goneva 12. Desaubiès 11. Sayerse; 10. Laousse-Azpiazu, 9. Doubrère; 6. Brethous, 8. Gouzou, 7. Wavrin (cap.); 5. Ostrikov, 4. Durand, 3. Masharachvili, 2. Dimcheff, 1. Bultel

substitutions: 16. Labouyrie 17. Berguet 18. Voss. 19. Garrault, 20. Coly, 21. Wakaya, 22. Naituvi, 23. Laval

infirmary : no changes to the infirmary in Bergen compared to last week. Baptiste Hézard, Christophe Loustalot and Anthony Alves are not yet operational. José Luis Gonzalez, Simon Renda and Willie Du Plessis finished the season. Lucas Mensa awaits his verdict from the Disciplinary Committee. We note the return of second-line James Voss on the bench of substitutes.

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