This great ministerial dumpling that won’t go unnoticed!

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published by Celine on 11 Apr 2022 at 10:53

This Sunday, April 10, on the occasion of Charles Leclerc’s victory in the Australian Grand Prix, Bruno Le Maire wished to congratulate the Monegasque driver. But a small problem, the minister misled by stating the pilot’s nationality. This quickly caused hilarity among internet users.

Bruno Le Maire: This great ministerial dumpling that doesn't go unnoticed!


Bruno Le Maire: This big dumpling that doesn’t go unnoticed!

If social networks are great tools for you to interact or even share a lot of content, sometimes it turns out, they can cause significant damage† In reality, the smallest mistake never goes unnoticed! Especially if you are a public figure. And since this Sunday 10 April, the Minister of Economy, Finance and Recovery has been well informed!

In reality, the one who was the victim of heavy accusations by Carlos Ghosnposted a message on Facebook from congratulations to Charles Leclerc, Formula 1 winning driver, at the Australian Grand Prix. He congratulates the champion! “A real pride for France,” he wrote alongside several French flags. But no luck for him, the athlete is definitely not French… but of Monegasque descent

The hilarity of internet users is activated!

Many internet users quickly took advantage of the message to: pointing to the dumpling! “Miss, he is Monegask”, we can read in particular under the publication of? the one who recently announced a significant increase in the minimum wage.

But despite the many ridicules, it is important to remember the initial benevolence of the message. Bruno Le Maire’s congratulations to the sportsman are indeed well deserved, because the latter achieved a real feat by climbing to the top of the rankings. Now Formula 1 fans are eagerly looking forward to the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix which takes place on Sunday 24 April. Perhaps the opportunity to greet the performances of Esteban Ocon or even Pierre Gasly… Who are they indeed? two French pilots.

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