Tiger Woods at the Masters, the feverish anticipation

33… Tiger Woods hit 33 balls precisely this Sunday afternoon in Augusta practice before heading behind closed doors shortly after 3:30 PM for the Masters route for another closed-door practice session. Who else but Tiger would we go so far as to count the number of warm-up balls? For who but Woods is it possible to completely shut down the Augusta compound to the public and media on the eve of this crazy week in Georgia?

Explosive cocktail

While world golf is dominated by a new and increasingly younger generation, with a new world No. 1 taking the lead even a week ago (Scottie Scheffler, if you missed it), this is the current 973rd planetary player re-examined. is taken. Until he followed his private jet live on air traffic applications and saw it land live on the tarmac of Augusta late last week.

It doesn’t matter where he is, it doesn’t matter that he hasn’t played an official tournament since the 2020 Masters. Tiger Woods doesn’t play golf, he IS golf. It is even well outside the sometimes narrow fairways. That’s all the more true when you add in the impact of this special tournament, the Masters. Of course, the cocktail is explosive from the start: April – Azaleas – Augusta – Tiger. What better way to impress any sports fan?

Will we see you on the first departure?

There’s no doubt that the Augusta National Golf Club press room will be packed very sharply this Tuesday at 11 a.m. for Tigre’s press conference. Because right now the question that burns on everyone’s lips will necessarily be asked: will Tiger Woods be at the start of the Masters? Just over a year after this crash, which could have cost him a leg, if not his life, his reaction will write an almost unreal new line to this storied career.

And it doesn’t matter if he plays well or not. It doesn’t matter if he crosses the cut of this 2022 edition (he has always passed since his pro days). Because watching Tiger Woods evolve in Augusta is in itself a unique spectacle, based on chili pepper, roars of the “bosses”, of this slightly reworked Amen Corner and of these unreal putts. Tiger Woods at the start of the 2022 Masters it seemed impossible a few weeks ago. The wait is feverish for anyone into golf and the sport in general. Because who knows what the phoenix of the greens, winner here in 2019, is still capable of.

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