Top statements: Ben Arfa opposes “the twisted” of LOSC, Casillas loves Benzema, Mourinho humiliates a journalist…

Ben Arfa lights up on the menu of Top Declarations this week twistedfrom LOSC, Casillas crazy about Benzema, Mourinho humiliates a journalist, Rothen cuts Thiago Silva, Payet rooms Saliba… Discover the shocking sentences of the week.

Top D

Hatem Ben Arfa has settled his accounts in Lille.

Every Saturday Maxifoot invites you for a tour of the ten declarations of the week that you should not miss. Serious and at least serious to know the best short phrases of football players. Discover the ranking of all the statements that made the headlines this week.

1. Hatem Ben Arfa Jocelyn Gourvennec – Did you twist it? While you and your president are the most insane. You, your problem is incompetence. Go LOOSE. We don’t play relegation (Instagram, 08/04/2022)

After disagreements with his partner Tiago Djalo and his coach after the match against Bordeaux (0-0) in Ligue 1, the attacking midfielder from Lille was sacked and did not appreciate his coach’s comments. Just because there are insane people doesn’t mean you have to be insaneAlanc Gourvennec, who therefore provoked the wrath of the ex-Paris.

2. Iker Casillas – K9 is Spider-Man. K9 is Wolverine. K9 is the doorman of the building. K9 is your best friend. K9 is your grandmother. K9 is the President of the United States. K9 is this instructor you skydive with. K9 is your guardian angel. K9 is God! (Twitter, 06/04/2022)

The former Real Madrid goalkeeper released the ball completely after the Frenchman’s hat-trick against Chelsea (3-1) in the Champions League.

3.Jos Mourinho – After hearing you on the radio yesterday, I expected a much more aggressive and violent question. I didn’t expect such an easy question. My conclusion is that on the radio you are super aggressive, super violent. And then when you come here, you shit yourself in front of me (Press conference, 03/04/2022)

Always as astute, the AS Roma coach has dealt with a journalist!

4. Frdric Guerra – aa long ago, in his youth, psychologically bugged. He was the king, the king, the king. He was always told what his rights were, but never his duties. When I took him back and his parents trusted me, I was convinced I had a player in my possession, if we worked on his mind, who would be a future Ballon d’Or as talented as he was. it will remain a huge mess, it could be the mess of football in the 21st century (RMC, 05/04/2022)

The former agent of Lille Hatem’s attacking midfielder Ben Arfa deeply regrets the career of the ex-Lyonnais.

5. Jrme Rothen – Thiago Silva is so frustrated that he has been kicked out to be replaced by Sergio Ramos, who is not very young, when we explained to him that the workforce needed to be rejuvenated. He has it in his throat. But to spit in the soup and say that the club starts from scratch every year is completely wrong. There are players who have been there for ten years, he has forgotten that… We expected him to take on his responsibilities as captain, as an experienced player. He failed like the others as he stops bashing PSG when he can only coat it (RMC, 04/06/2022)

After Paris Saint-Germain’s elimination from the Champions League, the former Paris captain criticized the management of the reigning French vice champions. An outing that is little appreciated by the RMC radio consultant…

6. Pep Guardiola – We had a feeling they were going to play in 5-3-2, then they adapted and went to 5-5-0. In prehistoric times, today and a hundred thousand years from now, it is very difficult to get a 5-5-0 . to attack (Press conference, 05/04/2022)

Facing Atletico Madrid (1-0) in the Champions League, the Manchester City coach was confronted with a new invention from his counterpart Diego Simeone: the 5-5-0. Suffice it to say that the Madrid lock was not easy to force!

7. Razvan Lucescu – I hope you are received as you have received us. I hope you are made as welcome as we were. I’m sure what I’ve seen. This is not acceptable for football. We’ve seen a lot of violence outside and we don’t need that in football. a does not give a good picture of Marseille. Better that your fans don’t come to us! (Press conference, 07/04/2022)

Furious at Marseille’s hostile reception, PAOK Saloniki’s coach promised hell to the Phocens ahead of the Europa League Conference quarter-final return leg. Dangerous words…

8. Neymar – I was ‘drunk’ that’s why it worked as they say there (Instagram, 04/04/2022)

Responding to Daniel Riolo’s accusations, the Paris Saint-Germain striker opted for irony after his brilliant second goal against Lorient (5-1) in Ligue 1.

9. Julian Nagelsmann – I don’t understand why they do this. Personally I wouldn’t have done that. Freiburg could not have scored two goals in those 18 seconds. If you’re playing Europe thanks to three points you didn’t win on the pitch, ie sportingly, I wouldn’t be so happy in their place. (Press conference, 05/04/2022)

Beaten by Bayern Munich (1-4) in the Bundesliga, Freiburg decided to file a complaint because the reigning German champions played 12 for 18 seconds. An attitude that was denounced by the Munich coach.

10. Dimitri Payet – William did you call? Yeah, but William, that’s because there were 14 injured people behind it. At one point it was he or he called Thuram (RMC Sports, 07/04/2022)

The Olympique de Marseille captain has accommodated his teammate William Saliba, who was called up to the French team for the first time in March.

With this statement the Top Declarations of the week end. See you next Saturday for a new song!

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