FNAC offers board games, here’s how you can enjoy them

Want to enjoy a good time with family or friends without breaking the bank? Thanks to FNAC, you can afford the best board games at a discounted price.

A moment of pleasure to share

To spend a cozy moment with your loved ones, few activities can compete with the board gamesFocused on the values ​​of sharing and personal developmentthey usually give us a magic moment (even if we lose).

The advantage is that there are all kinds: card games, strategy games, general knowledge games, reflection games and board games… It is even possible to play solo.

If you love Battleship like games, monopoly and UNknow that now is the perfect time to take action.

UNO card game

One game offered for every two purchased

FNAC is currently offering a special offer to its customers: for 2 purchased board games, the 3rd is offered† A real bargain for your budget.

As is often the case with this type of reduction, it is the cheapest product that will be refunded to you† It is therefore better to take 3 games of a comparable price to optimize the offer as much as possible.

Concretely, this is what you can expect when you spend 120 euros for three items:

  • If you buy a game for €20, a game for €40 and another for €60, you save a total of 20€
  • If you buy three games for €40 each, you save a total of 40€

So be extra alert and choose a winning combination. In addition, it’s like playing for time† And because there’s something for everyone, we’ve selected a few board games that can really please you.

Interested in a career in espionage? code names allows you to test your knowledge in a game where you have to guess (or make it guess) a series of words that are unrelated. Devilishly addictive.

Codenames, an essential board game

If concealment isn’t your thing, you might as well go to war with… RISK† Spanning the entire world map, this game of military strategy promises games that last as long as they are engaging.

RISK, the military strategy game

Finally, if the adventure kicks you more than the conflicts, it’s possible to get hold of it the Forgotten Chronicles, allowing you to rediscover the spirit of the paper role-playing game† Search for hidden treasures, meet fantastic creatures and have an unforgettable time with your friends.

Forgotten Chronicles: Introduction to Adventure Games

All board games eligible for this offer are available on this link† Enjoying!

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