“We had unacceptable behavior with Sampaoli”

2nd in the standings, still in the Conference League running, OM is heading for a successful season. A success that the club owes in part to its coach Jorge Sampaoli. The Argentine coach, who has been heavily criticized in recent months for certain lackluster performances, turned the situation around after a shower of criticism from supporters. A behavior that no longer has with Thierry Audibert, our guest during yesterday’s broadcast.

With the victory over Montpellier (2-0) at the Stade Vélodrome this Sunday, OM consolidated second place in the championship. Above all, this success contributes to the more than positive results for the Olympians in recent weeks. It’s been very easy since the defeat to Monaco on March 6 (0-1), Marseille are unbeaten and have racked up 7 consecutive wins between league matches and those of the Conference League. An impressive run that was hard to imagine after the setback against the Monegasques and the many attacks by the supporters on Jorge Sampaoli who seemed to be losing his group little by little.

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Some of his picks, such as letting Milik sit on the bench and his defeats to Nice in the Coupe de France, Lyon, Clermont and Monaco in the league, started seriously offending supporters who demanded an interrogation from the coach during a meeting with Pablo Longoria. to irritate. Despite retaining second place in the league, some have already demanded the head of the former Sevilla coach. A vehemence that is no longer there for our columnist Thierry Audibert, who spoke about this topic during yesterday’s show on set:

“I wrote an article two days after the defeat to Monaco where I said that everyone was blowing me up because the obsession, everyone wanted to fire Sampaoli. So yes, there was a series of bad results, less efficient players, but the work we saw, there was was work and you came second and there was no reason to have such vehemence or to let go » Thierry Audibert – Source: Marseille Football Club (11/04/2022) An overly violent struggle against Sampaoli?

If the former Argentine coach was open to criticism at this time of the season about the team’s performance and some of his choices that were far from shared by the supporters, then the wave of criticism and insults the coach suffered, especially on social networks, was disproportionate according to our editors:

“There was a real anti Sampaoli frenzy on social networks, the insults in the stadium, the Dodgers page, it went too far. You can criticize, ask yourself questions but rot it like we’ve done so far, I think that it is unworthy of an audience that calls itself a connoisseur It was abnormal to find such a situation where a man who is in the position where he is, with the place in the standings, the competition we have had since the beginning of the season, let it rot for two to this point, three poor results are unforgivable.” Thierry Audibert – Source: Marseille Football Club (11/04/2022)

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