Vladimir Putin multiplies accusations against Kiev, imminent fall of Mariupol

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news of the day

The Russian president came out of his silence and took the opportunity to send a torrent of criticism and accusations to the Ukrainian government. He thus ensured that the Butcha massacre then a “fake” orchestrated by Kiev. The Kremlin chief also accused Ukrainian negotiators of constantly changing positions during talks with Moscow, which would create “difficulties” in reaching an agreement.

In addition to these numerous criticisms, the Russian president congratulated his army. For example, he praised the “courageous, professional, effective” struggle of the Russian officers who “participate in the special military operation in Donbass” and assured that the offensive continued “quietly”. Vladimir Poutine made sure not to dwell on his army’s losses and even downplayed them, saying that Russia’s “military operation” would undoubtedly achieve its “noble” goals.

The sentence

Hundreds of rape cases

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky denounced “hundreds” rape case in areas previously occupied by the Russian military, “including underage girls and toddlers”.

The number

More than 870,000 Ukrainians have returned home, including women and children, since the start of the war, the Ukrainian Border Guard Service said. Also, according to this source, they would return between 25,000 and 30,000 each day.

The trend of the day

The last Ukrainian troops present in Mariupol somehow continue to defend it. According to them, “The Last Fight” is close by in this port city that has been besieged by the Russian army for more than seven weeks. The city seems to be falling. Yesterday, the pro-Russian separatists claimed to have captured the port area.

For its part, the Ukrainian army had one last cry for help, to make sure you run out of ammunition. “It will be death for some of us and imprisonment for others,” the National Navy’s 36th Brigade wrote on Facebook, explaining that it had received only “50 grenades, 20 mines and NLAW anti-tank missiles.”

A meager and last hope remains with a group of Ukrainian fighters hidden in the tunnels and underground of a huge industrial complex that the Russian army is struggling to capture.

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