why many Blues supporters avoid the World Cup in Qatar

Eight months before the World Cup in Qatar, Fabian Tosolini, member of the Irrésistibles Français association, has given up participation in the World Cup. Supporters denounce prices that are too high and violate football values.

The organization of the World Cup in Qatar makes tricolor supporters cringe. So much so that Fabian Tosolini, member of the association “Irrésistibles Français”, the main group of supporters of the French team with about 1,000 members, decided that he would not go to the Qatari World Cup. In 2018, however, he was present in Russia, until the final against Croatia.

‘It doesn’t match what football is’

Fabian Tosolini spoke at the microphone of a “personal choice” on Wednesday morning RMC† “This World Cup shows values ​​that are not mine: respect for the rights of the workers who built these stadiums, the rights of women, of sexual minorities, and then there is the environmental issue. The stadiums are air-conditioned per month of December. Personally, it doesn’t correspond to what football is, a popular sport,” he develops.

‘More than 2,000 euros for all tickets’

He also criticizes a much higher cost than in 2018. “The places are divided into three categories. The French often take the third, placed behind the goal. But the organization has drastically reduced the number of places in category 3,” he explains. And should therefore refer to the category 2, more expensive. “At the time it cost me 1,150 euros for the entire World Cup. Today we are around 2,000 euros for all tickets,” Fabian Tosolini regrets.

Not sure if I can stay after the Blues shutdown

And then there are the questions of accommodation and transport. “We are not sure that we will be able to stay on Qatari territory once the World Cup is over for the Blues. We can plan the plane ticket for the outward journey, but not for the return journey,” the French team’s supporter continued. Only the price of the plane ticket bought at the last minute could be multiplied by two or three. “We knew this World Cup was going to be a problem and we warned! It’s a game that should be festive. I have a feeling it won’t be,” he concluded.

A few days earlier, the “Irrésistibles français” had already communicated about the future housing problems: “Today we do not know whether the supporters who want to go to Qatar can actually stay there”. They lamented “the few rooms available” and the prices “that will terrify the average budget”. “The more reasonably priced accommodations are promises only at this point and the accommodations offered are non-cancellable,” they also wrote.

The World Cup in Qatar will take place from November 21 to December 18. The Blues, defending champions, are in the group of Denmark and Tunisia. The play-off has yet to be determined (Peru, Australia or United Arab Emirates).

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