With a gala Iliana Rupert, Bourges wins a sixth European title by surpassing Venice

After beating Galatasaray Istanbul in the semifinals on Tuesday (69-67), was Bourges against Venice on Thursday, April 7, 2022. Pressured by their Prado crowd, the Berruyères secured a sixth European title, since their last C2 title in 2016. Returning from the locker room to win largely against an Italian team in need of a solution (74-38).

Iliana Rupert guides Bourges to sixth European title

De Berruyères, used defensively and aggressively, caused many problems for the Italians at the start of the game. Olivier Lafargue’s players dominated in the rebound and were very effective in the paint, relying on a very good duo Sarah Michael (7 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assists for 17 rating) – Iliana Rupert (25 points and 8 rebounds for 30 evaluations in 35 minutes) to take control. After 11 points behind, Yvonne Anderson (12 points and 3 rebounds for 8 evaluations) ushered in the rebellion and allowed his team to keep in touch in this first half. A first period marked by the departure of Alix Duchet due to injury after a major contact with the Serbian international. Despite everything, the Berruyères did not let themselves be destabilized and gave a boost just before half-time. At halftime, Tango Bourges Basket led the way (38-29, 20′).

Bourges breaks the Italian lock

Still decisive in the semi-final against the big favorite Mersin, Yvonne Anderson was unable to find the target in the attack. Frustrated, the Serbian international came out of her party completely and was even punished with an unsportsmanlike foul on Kristen Mann (10 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists for 11 evaluations). Supported by the Prado, Bourges clearly distanced himself in this third quarter. Thanks to an iron defense and a still rock-solid tandem from Michel-Rupert, the players of Olivier Lafargue had a lead of 17 points (51-34, 30′) ten minutes before the end. The last fifteen minutes revolved around the correction for the Italians (23 to 4 in ten minutes), who could not stop the attacks of the opposing team. Bourges won by a large margin and offered a sixth European title. History!

A picture for eternity…
(photo: Oliver Martin)

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