Supreme Court Confirmation Of Ketanji Brown Jackson A Success For Joe Biden

President Joe Biden and Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson after the Senate vote confirming his Supreme Court nomination, in Washington, April 7, 2022.

The Republicans quickly evacuated the conference room, while the Democrats gave a long applause in relief. Thursday, April 7, Ketanji Brown Jackson made history. First Black Woman To Be Appointed Supreme Court Justice of the United States, the 51-year-old magistrate, daughter of teachers, was confirmed in a vote in the Senate, by 53 votes to 47.

She replaces Stephen Breyer, 83 – who will retire at the end of June – after working as a clerk by his side in 1999-2000. A broadcast of witnesses between two liberal judges, seen as pragmatic, will not change the current balance of the Court, which is dominated by the conservatives (six to three). This clear majority was reinforced by the death, at the end of 2020, of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, forcing Donald Trump to cancel the promotion just before the presidential election. Amy Coney Barrett, very popular within the religious right

Joe Biden is thus fulfilling a campaign promise of great symbolic significance. In addition, the president is achieving a rare and apparent political success, which is likely to satisfy a disillusioned democratic base, especially the African-American minority, which considers itself neglected since the beginning of her mandate.

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, in Washington, March 2, 2022.
Portrait: Article reserved for our subscribers Ketanji Brown Jackson, first African-American Supreme Court judge

“I think it is time for the Court to reflect all the talents and greatness of our nation with a candidate of extraordinary qualifications, stated Joe Biden on February 25, and that we inspire young people to believe that they can serve their country at the highest level. † The president plans to host a formal reception for his confirmed candidate at the White House on Friday along with Vice President Kamala Harris.

Joe Biden: “A Historic Moment for Our Nation”

It was also in the White House, in the Roosevelt lounge, that Ketanji Brown Jackson watched the Senate vote on television. At the end, the photographers immortalized his warm embrace with Joe Biden. The president’s first response was broadcast on Twitter. “Judge Jackson’s confirmation is a historic moment for our nation. We’ve taken another step forward to ensure our highest court reflects America’s diversity. She will be an incredible judge and I was honored to share this moment with her. †

Graduated from Harvard Law School (1996) and then editor of the prestigious Harvard Law Review, Ketanji Brown Jackson served as a federal judge in Washington before he was appointed in 2021 to the Court of Appeals for the Circuit of the District of Columbia, a highly prestigious position in the U.S. judicial system.

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