Amazon beats the price of this official Nintendo accessory!

News good deal Amazon beats the price of this official Nintendo accessory!

The lucky Nintendo Switch owners know all too well: increasing your console’s storage capacity quickly becomes a necessity. And with this new offering from Amazon, you can do it at a bargain price with an official Nintendo Micro SD card.


It’s well known: the Nintendo Switch, while very popular, has some downright annoying major flaws. Besides the well-known problem of joy-con drift, it also does not excel on the side of its storage capacity which is only 64 GB for the OLED model.

Buy the official Nintendo Switch 128GB Micro SD card on Amazon for €22

The port for the SD card present on the console is therefore not too much, and thus you can add a Micro SD card which will solve the storage problem definitively.

Amazon also offers us to buy an extra 128 GB for your Nintendo Switch at the very reduced price of 22 euros instead of 42 euros with the SDXC card from Sandisk.

The 128 GB Micro SD card will be more than enough to store a few games at first, but you can also opt for a higher version with 256 GB or 512 GB in case you want to have all your games in dematerialized version.

It all depends on your needs, but you will inevitably find shoes that suit you in the wide choice on offer.

Although it is an official Nintendo accessory, it is also possible to use this memory card for an Android smartphone, tablet or any other device with a compatible port.

The card is also perfect for a camera, as it has a 90MB/s write capacity and a read speed of up to 100MB/s, allowing you to load your games and your photos very quickly.

Buy the official Nintendo Switch 128GB Micro SD card on Amazon for €22

At the moment the price on Amazon is ridiculous to get the 128 GB Micro SD card as it is only 22 euros instead of 42 euros. And to fully enjoy all your games, the 256 GB version is also available for the very attractive price of 48 euros instead of 93 euros.

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