Google Maps will soon show toll prices and road signs

Google is preparing to introduce new options in its map application to appeal to frequent travelers. Indeed, Google Maps should soon provide an estimate of the price of the toll present on your route, before your departure. Google expects to obtain this information from local road authorities.

However, the Mountain View company should allow users who wish to choose alternative routes to avoid toll roads thanks to a new special option. Google indicates that the estimate of the toll price should be used on Android and iOS as early as April.

However, American, Indian, Japanese and Indonesian users are served first. Google nevertheless indicates that this functionality will be deployed more widely in other countries in the coming months.

Stop signs and traffic lights

Another notable new feature is that when in navigation mode, Google Maps displays the traffic lights and stop signs on your route. The map application also provides other details on the map, such as the presence of notable buildings or important points of interest. In some major cities, Maps go even further in detail, showing the shape and size of the roads taken. These new options allow you to anticipate unfamiliar roads. Google hints that these new features will roll out to Android, iOS, Android Auto and CarPlay in select countries in the coming weeks, without giving more details about the lucky ones, though.

New Features for Maps on iOS

iPhone users can enjoy Google Maps in three new ways. The iOS application integrates a widget that, pinned to the iPhone’s home screen, allows you to quickly launch a route to a favorite destination, including public transport routes.

In addition, the application will soon be able to direct you home directly from your Apple Watch. In the coming weeks, Google will allow you to display a route to your home directly on your watch by opening the application from the shortcut displayed on it. So you don’t need to unlock your iPhone and launch the iOS app to find your way around.

Finally, Google has been working on its app so that it fully integrates with Siri, Spotlight, and iOS’ Shortcuts app. By next summer, you’ll be able to create shortcuts with Google Maps and run them directly by asking Siri, the iPhone’s voice assistant, (nicely).

Source: google

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