Lara Croft returns in new Tomb Raider game powered by Unreal Engine 5

Crystal Dynamics announces the return of Lara Croft, with a new Tomb Raider game that will harness the full power of Unreal Engine 5.

This is an unexpected announcement, but one that warms our hearts. The Crystal Dynamics studio just announced the development of a brand new game tomb Raider, and this in circumstances we could not have imagined. Indeed, it was during the presentation of Unreal Engine 5, officially on the market, that the studio spoke and explained that the following tomb Raider will be one of the first games to be powered by the engine.

This is great news for both fans of tomb Raiderthat will be able to take advantage of a game at the cutting edge of technology, but also for Epic Games who intend to conquer ground with Unreal Engine 5the most powerful engine yet, and already capable of incomparable technical prowess.

At the moment we don’t have much information about the following. tomb Raider, which should continue the reboot saga where we left off. However, no official image has been released. Crystal Dynamics also took advantage of this announcement to send a message to fans of the franchise, explaining the link that now unites Epic Games and the studio:

We’ve just started developing our next game, Tomb Raider, powered by Unreal Engine 5. Our goal is to push the boundaries of fidelity and deliver the high-quality, cinematic action-adventure experience fans deserve. Tomb Raider Franchise

Unreal Engine 5, the future of video games?

The main purpose of this announcement was mainly to promote Unreal Engine 5, which we’ve known about for a while, but wasn’t officially usable. This is now the case, with Epic Games stating that the graphics engine is downloadable. But what does it bring new compared to Unreal Engine 4?

The answer is obviously very complex because it touches many specific areas of technology, but it can be summed up in two words: Nanite and Lumen† These are the two main aspects of Unreal Engine 5’s power. Nanite is the name given to the technology that allows Epic Games to increase the level of detail of environments and characters using geometric shapes. Lumen works on the lighting, the play of light and shadow, which gains in dynamism and realism. These two aspects, powered by many other things, allow Unreal Engine 5 to reach a new level of photorealism.

Crystal Dynamics isn’t the only studio looking to take advantage of Unreal Engine 5’s performance for its future games, either. This is also the case for CD Projekt Red, which recently announced a new game saga The Witcher† These will also be developed using the latest generation graphics engine from Epic Games.

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