Leaked delivery app reveals sensitive information about Russian spies

Data from 58,000 users of Yandex Eats, a Russian delivery app, has been shared on the internet. This leak provides valuable information about members of Russian intelligence.

Getting sushi delivered on a Saturday night may be more dangerous than it looks. A huge data breach from Yandex Russian meal delivery service revealed the addresses, phone numbers, names and customs of various Russian intelligence agencies. On April 1, journalists from the Bellingcat group reported how they found these agents thanks to the shared information.

Russian society had reported this “leak” in a press release published on March 1, 2022 in which she indicated that the person responsible is none other than an employee of the Moscow group. Yandex says the leak does not contain user credentials. However, it is the data of about 58,000 users that made it to the net, including names, addresses, phone numbers and delivery instructions, it said. the Reuters agency on March 23, 2022.

This leak is not insignificant, as it contains information about members of the intelligence service and even relatives of Vladimir Putin, like his alleged “secret” daughter and his ex-mistress.

Bellingat has indeed examined the data in circulation and linked it to other studies conducted by the group. Thus, they came across the name of the person who contacted the Federal Security Service (FSB) to plan the poisoning of Alexei Navalny, Vladimir Putin’s main opponent, in prison today. Bellingcat says this individual used their corporate email address to register with Yandex Food, which allows researchers to further verify their identity.

Details on Putin’s ‘secret’ daughter’s life

The researchers also discovered several pieces of information to persons belonging to the Russian Intelligence Service (GRU) and the specialized operations center of the FSB. Bellingat, for example, indicates that the delivery instructions were sent from a military building on the outskirts of Moscow.

Leaked delivery app reveals sensitive information about Russian spies
Russian opponent Lyobov Sobol’s Twitter account reveals information about Vladimir Putin’s alleged mistress. // Source: Twitter

The Russian politician Regime opponent Lyobov Sobol said in a tweet that the data breach had made it possible to uncover information about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s former mistress and their alleged “secret” daughter. † Thanks to the leaked Yandex database, another apartment of Putin’s ex-mistress Svetlana Krivonogikh was found “, she said. ” This is where their daughter Luiza Rozova ordered her meals. The apartment is 400 sqm, worth about 170 million rubles (1.7 million euros) † †

Note that in August 2021, the Russian group Yandex launched food delivery in Paris through an application called Yango Deli. The adventure was only short-lived, as a company spokesperson was said to be phasing out its ultra-fast delivery operations in the capital due to underperformance. says Reuters

The Russian tech champion has never suffered so much since his inception, since trading in his NASDAQ-listed stocks was suspended. since the beginning of the conflictThe Russian giant would eventually risk defaulting on payments to creditors