Lost Ark: Combat Pass Announced Soon For Smilegate’s MMO-Hack’n Slash?

Game News Lost Ark: Will A Battle Pass Be Announced Soon For Smilegate’s MMO-Hack’n Slash?

Lost Ark, launched in the West on February 11, is a real hit. The free-to-play, MMO and hack’n slash-oriented action RPG attracted more than 1.3 million players to its servers before its official launch. There were great difficulties in getting the title, but things have gotten better since then.

If you thought interest in Lost Ark was waning, take heart. In the last 30 days, the title more than 325,000 players on average, peaking at 657,478 players on March 14. All these players probably won’t get bored, because last week Smilegate and Amazon, which publishes the game in the West, formalized the roadmap for the months of April and May

A busy spring for Lost Ark players

Lost Ark: Will A Battle Pass Be Announced Soon For Smilegate's MMO-Hack'n Slash?

The month of April marks the arrival of La Lancière and mainland Bern Southwhile the month of May is marked by releases of the Destroyer, a new Guardian raid, and multiple balances and rewards to unlock. There may also be other Guardian raids, but we haven’t had confirmation yet Free entry, Lost Ark has a shop, different currencies, but no battle passwhich has become the norm for many titles using this kind of economic model.

Spotted an upcoming battle pass in an official video?

However, things can change quickly. as a very special element was noticed in a video published yesterday about competitive PvP. To illustrate how the game mode is balanced, how players are rewarded, punished or ranked, the developers have made a video of more than 5 minutes.

Lost Ark: Will A Battle Pass Be Announced Soon For Smilegate's MMO-Hack'n Slash?

We see the interface, the menus, the information to remember, but also the date of the first match, which will take place this Tuesday, April 12. But what interests us is a small element that sometimes appears at the top right from the screen. Spotted on Reddit, this element says “Ark Pass”an entry that does not currently exist in the game. Immediately, players and observers saw in it a very clear reference to a battle pass that would arrive soonbut Smilegate has not communicated anything about it.

No announcement for June yet?

Lost Ark: Will A Battle Pass Be Announced Soon For Smilegate's MMO-Hack'n Slash?

Adding a Battle Pass wouldn’t surprise anyone and would allow developers to track player progressorganize a clearer event and reward system, and of course to make money† Since the developers did not mention the topic during the April and May roadmap presentation, it is: The Battle Pass, if it exists, is unlikely to arrive before June.

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