After the consumer memories, the loss of consumer confidence… Children’s eggs thrown in the trash, Ferrero chocolate sales collapse

The Kinder Surprise and Schoko-Bons will be the big absentees of the traditional Easter egg hunt. From the supermarket to the hypermarket, the entire retail chain has to adapt to the withdrawal of Kinder products during the Easter period.

At Intermarché, Lidl or Carrefour, the Easter holidays now become a puzzle. Some of the star products of the Ferrero group are no longer marketed during this period. There are hardly any Kinder Surprises and Schoko-Bons on the shelves anymore. The earthquake of detected cases of salmonellosis is shaking the entire distribution chain in France. Because now the Ferrero affair has led to widespread distrust of the brand’s products. Recall that at least 21 people were infected with salmonella in Kinder products in France, eight of whom were hospitalized.

The phenomenon is such that all distributors, from local supermarkets to hypermarkets, are now on hand with stocks of Kinder. Although some batches were initially recalled by the manufacturer, Ferrero decided on Friday to extend the recall to all Kinder Surprise, Kinder Mini Eggs, Kinder Surprise Maxi 100g and Kinder Schoko-Bons, regardless of expiration date.

“Even Nutella is affected today”

Some brands continue to sell certain products, drowned at other suppliers, but the verdict is final”it doesn’t sell“says Jean-Charles Nieto, owner of Intermarché stores around Perpignan.”And even products like Nutella are now affected”he admits.

The problem is the loss of consumer confidence“, adds Jean-Charles Nieto. In the Intermarché stores in Perpignan, the situation is real. Sales of Ferrero brand products are in free fall. “About -35% compared to a “normal” Easter week. Yes, the drop is significant“, confirms Mr. Nieto.

In an emergency, the stores withdrew most of the goods. Waiting to return them or destroy them. There are no longer any Kinder Easter products on the shelves in a Carrefour City in Perpignan. Children’s chocolate pallets to be destroyed are kept in the back room.

An unprecedented situation that applies to all supermarkets in France. The shortage is huge and the consequences are expected to be very severe for the Italian confectionery giant.

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