Marvel’s Avengers PS5: A Huge Bug Makes You Can’t Continue Your Game…Unless You Delete Everything

Game news Marvel’s Avengers PS5: A Huge Bug Makes You Can’t Continue Your Game…Unless You Delete Everything

Marvel’s Avengers will have some hectic news, and not always for the better. In the latest issues identified, a bug on PS5 would prevent many players from continuing their game unless they opt for a drastic decision.

Breakdown of Superpowers

The least we can say is that Marvel’s Avengers is a game that continues to flow ink even though it was released in September 2021. From expansion delays to the addition of a mixed Spider-Man, through new characters and an update that needs to redesign some designs we feel like Crystal Dynamics is racking its brains to fine-tune an experience to a critical reception half fig half grape.

Unfortunately, despite some efforts, there are still some problems and these that we are talking about today should not be ignored: many PS5 players found that they could not start the game, which crashed during the loading time. On Twitter, the title’s official account released a first solution… but still somewhat unhappy.

to Thor and on

Indeed, the developers have heard of players complaining (rightly) about the problem on the internet. Here’s their answer and it shouldn’t be for everyone. †

In the meantime, here’s a workaround that might solve the problem for some players. However, keep in mind that this will reset your campaign progress:

Go to Operations and reset your campaign progress. Once you play young Kamala the A-Day and force quit the game from the PS home screen, you should be able to launch Avengers Initiative.

You read that right: you just need to clear your progress in the story to play the Avengers Initiative mode. Fortunately, this solution is only temporary andt Crystal Dynamics said they have likely identified the bug and are working on a fix update. It could also be deployed at the time of writing these lines, but yes, we have to admit that the situation is… embarrassing.

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