Nintendo Switch: a well-known Mario from the N64 arrives, the trailer that hits the bull’s eye

Game News Nintendo Switch: a well-known Mario from the N64 arrives, the trailer that hits the bull’s eye

Nintendo continues to expand the Nintendo 64 catalog of Nintendo Switch Online, or at least from those who have subscribed to the expansion pack: today we hear of the arrival of Mario Golf, an episode that greatly influenced an entire saga.

Mario Golf is coming to Nintendo Switch Online soon

The Nintendo 64 and its exceptional 3D for the time saw the emergence of many exclusives, all of which gave rise to real franchises thereafter. We can quote Super Smash Bros.Banjo-Kazooie or even Mario Golfone of the many variations of our sweet Italian plumber in the video game. This is exactly what we’re talking about today, as Big N just announced that the game will land on the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack on April 15th.

Mario Golf, released in 1999, therefore gladly took the concept of “NES Open Tournament Golf” (published in 1992) with 3D graphics: it was a minor hit since, as you so well know, mixing a sporting discipline with the mustachioed hero has always proved very popular. Here, this part of the Nintendo 64 offered a fun experience, to devour both solo and multiplayer.

An expansion pack still and always enhanced

As a memory, the expansion pack provides access to a whole catalog of Nintendo 64 games including great classics like The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of TimeMario Kart 64 Where Super Mario 64 Recently, the Japanese manufacturer has also added a few nuggets such as Banjo-Kazooie Where Zelda Majora’s Mask : naturally, everything has a price in this low world and you have to spend $19.99 a year to access this extension, in addition to the basic Nintendo Switch Online subscription (also $19.99 a year).”

The other little extra, is that games from the SEGA Mega Drive are also offered, making the Switch a resolutely retro console… if we agree to spend about forty euros per twelve months. By the way, keep in mind that you can also easily play online with Nintendo Switch Online.

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