OnePlus: like a deja vu for its first foldable smartphone?

2022 could well be the year of OnePlus’ first foldable smartphone. However, a model that would not be new, since the Chinese company simply under its flag a certain … Oppo Find N.

The foldable smartphone sector is still struggling to get off the ground. Only one player is doing well so far: Samsung, with its products from the Galaxy Z series (Crease and Turn around† Others have tried the experiment, with varying degrees of success, such as Motorola with its Razr True TCL finished with a model, but which ultimately did not see the light of day. And when attractive models are made official, they are generally not marketed beyond Asian borders, like the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold orOppo Find NO

An Oppo Find N in the colors of OnePlus?

But if it’s unlikely that Oppo’s foldable smartphone will ever hit the market in our region, it’s not impossible to see it there anyway. Indeed, according to leaking like Yogesh Brar, it looks like OnePlus is planning to unveil a foldable model this year. And the device in question would not be completely new, as it should be a Find N in the colors of OnePlus. Keep in mind that Oppo and OnePlus are part of the same group (BBK Electronics) and that in addition to sharing certain designs on their different smartphones, the two brands could therefore share the same smartphones, operating under different names, in the future. In addition, Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus and head of the Oplus entity, which brings together the two brands, was involved in the design of the Oppo Find N. It is therefore not surprising that his company can take advantage of the smartphone.

If this rumor is true, it wouldn’t be impossible to see OnePlus offering its Find N elsewhere than in China, as the company has strong influence in Europe and the United States. This would allow consumers to take advantage of Oppo’s foldable smartphone, which remains one of the most interesting models we’ve seen and experienced to this day.

Very few differences would remain between the Find N and the OnePlus version. The size and aesthetics will be similar even if the name will be different. The software interface should be different, of course, as OxygenOS would be installed there. Finally, OnePlus could decide to integrate a newer chip, although it cannot be ruled out that the device will come with a Snapdragon 888.

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