Remington Power-X Series X6 HC6000 review: A mower to zero

Like the vast majority of mowers, the X6 Power-X Series HC6000 uses an oscillating blade cutting system. While the Enchen Boost had a ceramic cutting element, Remington’s model is not as original and only uses steel. Above all, this makes it possible to offer a self-sharpening technology that should logically extend the life of the blades and maintain their sharpness.

The Remington X6 Power-X Series HC6000 top trimmer...

The Remington X6 Power-X Series HC6000 top trimmer…

This head is exactly 4.5 cm wide. We suspected it from the supernumerary cutting heights, but the X6 Power-X Series HC6000 is more intended for mowing large areas on the head (or body) than for precision passages over small areas of the face. True, it is still possible to use it to trim the beard, but it will be necessary to take into account with some effort to reach and maintain the narrow parts, especially the philtrum, this space between the nose and the upper lip, or even the corners of the lips.

And from below.

The boomerang shape of the X6 Power-X Series HC6000 is reminiscent of the Philips HC5650/15. Once gripped, it is held well in the hand so as not to let go. The various handles that serve to further enhance the good grip – especially when the mower is wet – lie perfectly in the hand. Add to that a relatively light weight (213 grams) and here’s a mower that’s easy to handle, even when the mower has been mowed.

Mowers are never difficult to master and the X6 Power-X Series HC6000 is no exception. A selector switch on the left side of the machine turns the unit on and allows you to switch to boost mode. The top houses a beautiful display, which is used to inform the user about the remaining autonomy. Good point, Remington leaves inaccurate diodes with several minutes. Admittedly, the information is not accurate to the minute, but you can still calmly anticipate the hairdressing session.

The display is more accurate than what we are used to seeing.

The display is more accurate than what we are used to seeing.

The rest of the controls, which are located on the rear of the mower, consist of the knob for adjusting the cutting height. And first observation, it is extremely difficult to handle; whether it’s increasing or decreasing the values, you need skilled and muscular fingers. Included with this textured dial are 3 indicators that correspond to the height of cut when one of the three combs supplied with the mower is attached. A color code helps with identification.

The dial is difficult to move.

The dial is difficult to move.

In addition to the three “fixed” clogs, Remington delivers a final one, articulated and called “micro precision cutting guideAlso equipped with a wheel that is much easier to operate than that on board the mower, it offers even more finesse in the settings thanks to the steps of only 0.1 mm.

Note that if the implementation of the guides is not a problem, it is not really the same for their extraction. You have to pull on them hard enough without having a lot of grip to get there and without fear of breaking them during surgery.

Unlike other manufacturers, Remington does not emphasize the origin of its knives or their exceptional sharpness. However, those of the Power-X Series X6 HC6000 are particularly effective. They work without blocking or pulling the thick hair or finer hair as can sometimes happen.

The Power-X Series X6 HC6000 is equipped with a hair density sensor and we found it to work quite well. During our shaving and mowing sessions, we could clearly hear the engine revs to suit the conditions.

Given the width of the head, the Power-X Series X6 HC6000 is more intended for use on large surfaces, such as the top or sides of the skull. It is of course always possible to trim a beard, but it is complicated to properly treat small or cramped areas of the face that are difficult to access.

What doesn’t help is that Remington didn’t provide an extra trimmer, nor an accessory to extend the versatility of his trimmer, such as a precision head or a tip to remove hair from the ears or nostrils.

When used at normal power, the Remington Power-X Series X6 HC6000 can run non-stop for 68 minutes. Enabling the boost mode necessarily reduces the autonomy, but we can still hope to use it for 60 minutes. In both cases, the manufacturer’s promise (90 minutes) is not fulfilled. Good point, it is quite possible to use it when connected to the sector; this is not the case with all devices in our comparison.

This is where the power supply is plugged in for charging.

This is where the power supply is plugged in for charging.

It takes just over an hour and a half to charge the device (exactly 106 minutes). Remington has equipped the mower with a micro USB connection, which allows the use of a USB micro USB cable, a standard that is still very widespread. Nevertheless, the manufacturer provides its own charger, certainly equipped with a micro USB connection, but also with a plastic pin that prevents use with another product. In order to limit the impact on the environment, we would have preferred Remington to take his choice to the very end and supply only the micro USB cable, as Xiaomi does with the S500, for example.

The charger is too much.


  • 72 cutting heights.

  • Display of remaining autonomy in minutes.

  • Clean and clean cut.

  • Can work when connected to the mains.

Weak points

  • Knife block too large for small surfaces.

  • Dial hard to turn.

  • Unpleasant noise.

  • Useless charger included.

How does the assessment work?

The Remington X6 Power-X Series HC6000 clipper is primarily intended for cutting hair, which explains the blades that are slightly too wide to be fully usable on the smallest areas of the face and therefore the lack of versatility. † Nevertheless, thanks to the numerous hoof height adjustments, it will prove to be the essential ally for lovers of fine slopes, who will appreciate the quality of mowing all the more.


  • start with it

  • to shave

  • Autonomy

  • Cleaning

  • Noise

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