unlimited storage is back, but not for everyone

It’s been several months now since Google ended unlimited photo storage on Google Photos, a feature that was very popular with the Android community. It’s making a comeback now, but not for everyone.

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Abandoned since 1er June 2021With unlimited storage on Google Photos, Android smartphone users didn’t have to worry about their backups, because everything was stored in the cloud for an unlimited amount of time. Since that date, however, users had to use other options to backup their photos, including Google One. Recently it is WhatsApp has also ditched its unlimited backup storage system.

Google One gives you cloud storage at a pretty competitive price, because it offers 200 GB for 2.99 euros per month, 2 TB for 9.99 euros, 10 TB for 99.99 euros and 20 TB for 199.99 euros. Much to the delight of some users, Google has just decided to include its storage plan in a mobile carrier’s plans.

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T-Mobile is the first to offer unlimited storage on Google Photos

From April 26Customers of the US operator T-Mobile can subscribe to an option including: two terabytes of Google One storage and unlimited original-resolution storage in Google Photos for $15 more per month† The existing two-terabyte Google One plan, open to everyone, costs $10 per month, meaning unlimited photo storage won’t cost you only five dollars extra

While many people with 2TB have more than enough space for their photos and videos, some enthusiasts may need more, especially if they shoot a lot of photos or videos on the more expensive Android smartphones. In reality, 8K videos for 108MP photos can quickly saturate your storage space

At the moment it is not known exactly when this new option will be deployed on T-Mobile plans, but it should arrive “soon”, according to the operator. It is hoped that Google will not be satisfied with its partnership with T-Mobile and will also allow other operators to take advantage of it.

Source : T-Mobile

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