we finally know why the T-Rex had such small arms

One of the most fearsome predators of all time, T-Rex fascinate paleontologists as much as the general public. We learn today that scientists have finally figured out why these dinosaurs have such small arms.

It’s not the size that matters

Tyrannosaurs are without a doubt among the dinosaurs which the general public appreciates most. These theropods, which reigned at the top of the food chain before their disappearance 66 million years ago, have become hugely popular thanks to Pop Culture.working as The Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle and the first two Jurassic Park by Steven Spielberg.

Despite the passion it inspires, the T-Rex is often mocked for his small arms, given its gigantic size. If you have any doubts about this, we highly recommend that you read our article on: these 25 “tricks” the T-Rex can’t do because of his small arms… But how to explain this? Because, as everyone knows, our physical features are the result of natural selection and therefore have evolutionary advantages. What can be the advantage of such short arms? University of California paleontologist Kevin Padian seems to have found an explanation for this mystery

Recent research by a team of scientists at the University of Arkansas has shown that: T-Rex were not solitary hunters, but rather hunted in packs, such as wolves or hyenas† This study, based on analyzes of Utah fossils, reports a synchronous death of four to five T-Rex, seem to confirm the observations of twenty years ago by a Canadian teambut which had not created a consensus among scientists, some doubted the cognitive abilities of T-Rex to hunt in groups, this type of hunting requires the ability to form complex social bonds.

From this study, which has completely redefined the way scientists perceive the behavior of these fearsome predators, the California paleontologist has hypothesized the smallness of the T-Rex’s arms† According to him, their size is indeed an evolutionary advantage, sinceit prevented the Tyrannosaurs from tearing each other apart during the hunt

Indeed, if four or five T-Rex devoured the same prey with their huge jaws, an accident could quickly happen. If injured, the dinosaur could then die from its injuries. (bleeding, infections, etc.). As our magazine colleagues remind us Geo, it is not uncommon for large reptiles to injure each other by eating the same victim: this is the case with Komodo dragons and crocodiles. Thereby, over time, the tyrannosaurs’ arms would have shrunk to avoid an accident.

Given this assumption, we’ll think twice before we joke about the size of the T-Rex’s arms again… If you liked this article, feel free to take a look these absolutely terrifying new species of theropods

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