where do you find consoles this week? Cattle

PS5: where to find consoles this week?  Cattle

PLAYSTATION 5. A new month begins on the planet PS5, a month that we hope will be as fruitful as the month of March, when we could find many consoles on sale. Our view on living stocks.

[Mis à jour le 4 avril 2022 à 17h17] The console war has reignited after the releases of the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X a little over a year and a half ago. Sony’s latest console wins the popularity contest by some distance while the Series X, on the other hand, isn’t ashamed of its in-game performance. Only the two consoles have been out of stock since their release. A particularly difficult situation for those looking to get their hands on the PS5, which will remain a highly sought after product even in April 2022. The fault is an international semiconductor shortage that is hitting manufacturing hard. As a result, it is necessary, if possible, to keep abreast of the evolution of stocks live, if possible, in order to be one of the first buyers to benefit from these “decreases”. To help you out, we’re keeping a live eye on stocks and providing you with all our buying advice for the PS5, new or used.

Our update on PS5 stock from Monday, March 4:

  • 5:13 PM: There will be no refills this Monday. Tomorrow from 9.00 it will be necessary to go to the sites of the resellers.
  • 10:10 am: The PS5 is long overdue today. However, it is used and can be found on the site at a high price. Rakuten

For those who do not want to participate in the infernal ballet of replenishments or “drops” of all kinds, and who have chosen to avoid queues on the sites, basket validation bugs and everything associated with the hunt for the new model of PS5 to avoid. There is another way to get your hands on the console. Collect the new or used console for resale. Please note that this method requires compliance with the market price of the console, that is, at prices that can sometimes exceed 150% of the base price of the new console. However, some offers sometimes approach the base price of the console (399 € digital and 499 € standard), hence the importance to check the products below:

will Serbia also be in the Rafale?

This is the normalization of long-term interest rates for Christian de Boissieu.