Covid-19 in France: 217,000 new cases and 137 new deaths recorded in 24 hours

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  • Public Health France has identified 217,480 new cases in the past 24 hours, as well as 137 new deaths. In a weekthe average exceeds 130,000 daily infections.
  • Hospital admissions of people with Covid-19 are increasing, as opposed to intensive care admissions that are falling.
  • In the worldThe pandemic has killed at least 6.1 million people. The real balance could be two or three times higher by some estimates.


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137 new deaths

In its latest report, Public Health France lists 137 new deaths in the past 24 hours, 14 more than the day before and 9 more than a week ago.


217,480 positive cases in 24 hours

More than 200,000 infections have been detected in 24 hours, a record since February 8. 180,777 had tested positive a week ago. The average over the past week is close to 135,000 cases per day (+37% in one week).


Decreasing admissions for intensive care

1,538 people are currently in intensive care (resuscitation services, intensive care units and monitoring units combined), which is a decrease of 4% compared to last week.


Hospital admissions are increasing

Currently 21,300 patients are in hospital, an increase of 3% in one week.

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US allows second booster dose for over-50s

Four months after their third injection, the United States Medicines Agency (FDA) has given the go-ahead for a second booster dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines for people 50 and older. that it relied on data showing that a new recall strengthened protection against severe forms of Covid-19 and did not create new health problems.


EU wants to improve vaccination of Ukrainian refugees

European health ministers discussed on Tuesday the need to improve the vaccination of refugees from Ukraine, half of whom are children, against diseases such as poliomyelitis and measles, as well as against Covid-19.


Vaccines suitable for Omicron not available until “fall”, according to Berlin

German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach thinks vaccines against the Omicron variant could be available in September.


Cases continue to rise in Shanghai despite partial lockdown

4,477 people tested positive for Covid-19 on Tuesday, compared to 3,500 the day before. Very low numbers on a global scale, but high for China, where the number of new daily infections has rarely exceeded 100 since spring 2020.


Covid-19: European Regulator Launches Review of Spanish HIPRA Vaccine

In a press release published on Tuesday, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) announced that it has launched “an ongoing review of the Covid-19 vaccine HIPRA (also known as PHH-1V)” developed “as a booster vaccine for adults already have been fully vaccinated with another vaccine”.

This decision “is based on preliminary results of laboratory studies (non-clinical data) and clinical studies in adults,” which “suggest that the immune response with the vaccine could be effective against SARS-CoV-2, including variants of concern such as as Omicron,” the text reads.


No vaccine suitable for Omicron before “fall”

Arriving at a meeting with his colleagues in Brussels, German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach said that “to his knowledge” the development of vaccines suitable for the Omicron variant had been “delayed”.

“So I don’t expect the new vaccines suitable (for Covid-19 variants) to be available until the fall,” he said, adding that “September could be a target month.”

“It is therefore very important that we do not wait for the arrival of the new suitable vaccines to proceed with the fourth vaccination,” he said.


Covid Defense Council this morning at the Elysée

The ministers concerned met at 10:00 a.m., while the classic cabinet meeting will take place next Wednesday as usual.


Presidential: Le Pen, Zemmour, Dupont-Aignan…these candidates watching antivax

Several candidates, whose voters usually say they “understand” anti-vaccines, in particular, pledge to reinstate unvaccinated and suspended health care providers. Overview.


Israel: Bennett postpones visit to India after testing positive for Covid

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett announced on Tuesday that he has postponed his planned visit to India next weekend after testing positive for Covid-19.

Naftali Bennett tested positive for Covid-19 on Monday, the day after an interview in Jerusalem with the head of US diplomacy Antony Blinken.


Downing Street parties in full shroud: British police impose 20 fines

London police announced on Tuesday that they would impose 20 fines for violating anti-Covid rules following their investigations into parties organized in British power circles in full confinement. “We will start today returning 20 fines for breaching Covid-19 regulations,” Scotland Yard said in a statement about this investigation relating to a dozen meetings in 2020 and 2021, without specifying who the individuals involved were. .


Rising incidence, across all age groups

As our journalist notes, the incidence of Covid-19 in France rises for a week, in all age groups of the population.

This increase in the incidence, which mainly affects the elderly, is one of the explanations for the increase in the number of hospitalizations of Covid-19 positive patients.

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Increase in absenteeism

Benoît Serre, deputy national vice president of ANDRH (National Association of Human Resources Directors), reports “10% to 15% absenteeism every day” in business, more than twice as much as in the current situation that prevailed before the pandemic. Asked about france info, he believes that the situation is similar to that at the beginning of the year. “We’re dealing with a wave that we don’t talk much about because there’s much more dramatic news in the world.”


Rising prices and empty shelves in Shanghai

The effect of the partial containment of Shanghai is twofold: food is missing and prices are rising. The lockdown of the eastern part of the city sparked an influx of residents into supermarkets in the western half, which are open through Thursday. “The price of goods is rising and people are panicking,” says a retiree on the spot. Stalls and shelves of many shops were emptied in this way.


Shanghai cases continue to rise despite lockdown

Despite the partial lockdown of Chinese economic capital, the number of new infections in Shanghai continues to rise. 4,477 cases were reported today, compared to 3,500 on Monday, further testing the state’s zero-covid strategy. Since Monday, the eastern half of Shanghai has been locked for four days. On April 1, it will be the turn of the western part of the city.


Incidence greater than 2000 in Côtes-d’Armor

A first department sees the incidence falling to more than 2,000 infections per 100,000 inhabitants. This is the Cotes d’Armor.


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