Putin would take deer antler massacres

Vladimir Putin’s very secret health has always sparked many fantasies. Since the invasion of Ukraine, the eyes have turned all the more on the Russian president and speculation has started again. Will Vladimir Putin be affected by the disease? Disturbing elements brought by the major Russian media independent research Proekt and broadcast by The Independent Where weather The Timesat least point in that direction. According to them, the Russian president suffers from thyroid cancer.

The research paper is based in particular on the nature and number of recent medical visits by the 69-year-old head of state. For example, in four years, Yevgeny Selivanov, a surgeon specializing in thyroid cancer, visited the Russian president 35 times at his residence on the Black Sea. In all, the doctor spent nearly 166 days by his side during the same period.

And that’s not all. The president would be especially concerned about his health, given the numerous doctors he consults very often. For example, Alexei Shcheglov, an otolaryngologist, i.e. a specialist in the ears, nose and throat, capable, among other things, of diagnosing thyroid disorders, took the plane almost 59 times between 2016 and 2020 to come and examine Vladimir Putin. That is more than 14 consultations per year.

Antler Massacres

According to the investigative media, the Russian president has been undergoing treatment for some time to fight this cancer. He would take steroids among other things, which would explain his puffy appearance. At the same time, he would also be convinced of the benefits of alternative medicine, and more specifically of a traditional practice: deer antler massacres.

According to the investigation, Vladimir Putin would indeed have immersed himself several times in massacres extracted from cut deer antlers, also known as pantocrine† The target? Improve your health, your cardiovascular system and rejuvenate your skin, says Business Insider

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Known for their so-called tonic properties, these baths were reportedly recommended by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. Even if he was not really convinced of their effectiveness, Vladimir Putin would still regularly go to the clinic in the Altai Mountains, in Siberia, where these baths are performed. Baths that would have been different fashionable among Russian oligarchs† Poutine, a true health influencer.

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