the Russians target the oil infrastructure in Odessa; Talks with Kiev will resume on Monday, Moscow said
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  • A series of explosions were heard Sunday morning at Odessa, a coastal city on the Black Sea, in southwestern Ukraine, noted an AFP journalist. The explosions, which happened around 6 a.m., released at least three columns of black smoke and visible flames, apparently in an industrial area, according to the Ukrainian military, but caused no casualties.
  • The Russian and Ukrainian negotiators have not yet lined up draft peace agreement allowing to consider summits, in particular between Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky, Russia’s main negotiator said on Sunday. Vladimir Medinsky clarified on the Telegram application that negotiations with Kiev would resume on Monday.
  • Ukraine announced on Saturday that the entire region Kiev was now “liberated”Russian troops active “quick withdrawal” north of the country, while testimonies report the killing of civilians in some of these areas. Nearly three hundred people had to be buried “in mass graves” Bee Butcha and corpses lay in the streets of this suburb of the capital
  • The city of Mariupol, in the southeast of the country, is still relentlessly besieged and shelled. At least 5,000 people have died and 160,000 civilians are still stranded, according to Ukrainian sources. The Red Cross and Moscow blame each other for the difficulties in evacuating these residents.
  • The BBC reported Saturday evening with video support that a Russian Combat Helicopter was shot in the Luhansk region of eastern Ukraine. British radio and television noted the possible link between the weapon that destroyed the device and the possibility mentioned by London in March to deliver high-speed portable missiles to Ukraine.
  • Ukraine’s chief negotiator in the peace talks said saturday that Russia accepted “oral” his country’s main proposals, with the exception of the one on Crimea, adding that Kiev was now awaiting written confirmation. Moscow did not respond.
  • The Baltic States have stopped importing Russian natural gas That “has not been shipped to Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania since 1”er April “, said the manager of Latvian storage company Conexus Baltic Grid on Saturday. The Baltic countries are now served by gas reserves stored underground in Latvia.
  • More than 170 people were arrested in Russia on Saturday for actions by protest against the Russian offensive in Ukraine, the NGO OVD-Info, which specializes in monitoring arrests in the country, estimated.
  • The conflict has been going on for more than 4.1 million Ukrainians must flee their country, according to the UN. In all, more than ten million people, more than a quarter of the population, have had to leave their homes, either by crossing the border to seek refuge in neighboring countries or seeking refuge elsewhere in Ukraine.

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