Ukrainian soldiers accused of executing Russian prisoners of war

A video has surfaced on social networks showing a man on the ground, presented as a Russian prisoner of war and shot several times. Ukraine’s foreign minister said the images would be “reviewed”.

The horrific images of Ukraine continue to surface, this time with Russians as potential victims. A video posted to the social network Telegram on March 30 appears to show Ukrainian soldiers executing a Russian prisoner of war. The scene was authenticated on Thursday by the New York Times and the BBUSA

The video shows four people dressed in military uniforms lying on the ground in large pools of blood. One of them has her hands tied behind her back. In the background appear several vehicles with the V-sign painted on the side, associated with Russian troops.

Of the four individuals, only one is still showing signs of life. “Look, he’s still alive, film these looters”, launches according to the guard, a voice in Russian, a language spoken in certain regions of Ukraine. A soldier shoots at the individual several times until he stops moving.

“Glory to Ukraine”, “Glory to the heroes”, several soldiers proclaim. “Don’t come to our house,” a man warns at the end of the video.

One of the soldiers who may have been identified through a biometric test

If many gray areas remain, especially as to the exact date and location of the video, the scene would be set in Ukraine, according to BBC journalists, on a road heading west from Kiev. Two of the people on the ground wear white armbands, associated with Russian troops in parts of Ukraine, while the standing soldiers wear blue and yellow armbands, the colors of Ukraine.

One of the soldiers in the footage could be a Georgian with strong ties to Ukraine, a BBC biometric test shows. The term “Georgians” in Russian also seems to be mentioned in the video. The man’s identity has yet to be confirmed, British media say.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said on Thursday that he was aware of the existence of these images and assured that they would “be investigated, of course.”

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, for his part, claimed not to have seen the video, but stated that “any element reporting possible violations of international law should be followed up or investigated”, adding that “any violation of international law and any war crime is always unacceptable”.

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