Alert, Lidl asks its customers to limit the purchase of this product due to shortage

lidl accustomed us to everything… except to such a situation. Because of his customers, the favorite sign of the French is in turmoil. Ouch!

Panic wind at Lidl!

Those who have the reflex to simmer juicy recipes have an appointment at lidl† First of all, the store regularly organizes promotions on specific gastronomic themes. Italy, Greece, Asia and even certain French regional specialties are honored. For gourmets or the curious, it’s just luck. On the other hand, on the shelves, the policy of low prices ensures that the trade with the yellow, blue and red logo maintains its reputation. Until the last hours, the competition struggled to withdraw from the competition, but since the beginning of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, it has been a disaster. What happened ? Why does this have a direct impact on our gourmet plate? Objeko tells you behind the scenes of this unprecedented crisis!

Lidl wins for the first time in its history!

In the days leading up to the first incarceration, we witnessed incredible scenes. BEE lidl as with his peers, customers definitely wanted to buy the most pasta, toilet paper and other basic necessities. Result, if we hadn’t been there before, we would be disappointed in front of the empty shelves. True, through effort, we gradually manage to live with this virus and its variants. However, Vladmir Putin’s attitude is sowing chaos on the planet. To force Russia to stop its attempts to invade its neighbor, multiple sanctions against Russia have followed one another. Against all odds, the discount king’s purchasing and marketing director has just spoken. Annoyed to see the behavior of some of his customers in light of the sunflower oil shortage, he wants to make things right.

Like the example above with mascarpone, the French are terrified of a lack of sunflower oil. And rightly so, they notice the variation in prices and especially the lack of choice on the shelves. There is no question of buying anything else that could be harmful to health. Michel Biero makes flyers in collaboration with the communication department and calls on everyone’s responsibility. In this difficult time, we must understand that getting multiple bottles means nothing more than punishing your neighbor. a little closer” 1,500 stores » receive this guideline. Will that be enough to ease tensions?

Who will have the last word?

this frame of lidl insist on one point. † No one will block you at the register if you take more. † By setting an example in this way, we are explaining to the youngest the value of things. Again, the nightmare scenario of the first incarceration is still on everyone’s mind. This air of déjà vu is in everyone’s memory, both on the side of the supermarket employee and that of the average customer.

In the columns of our friends from‘Today in France’, Michel Biero wants to reassure. Until the end of April he had enough oil to go to all lidl from France. As a precaution, he decided to order more so that the impulsive attitude of a handful of stressed-out people wouldn’t hurt those who chose to listen.

Ouch it stings…

At the price level, there is an increase of just over 15%. Certainly, objeko know this has nothing to do with the fuel breaking all records to the extent that transactions at cost are regularly organized. Continued in one of our next issues!

Thank you to our colleagues from Today in France

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