Bouygues Telecom formalizes the marketing of its new Bbox WiFi 6E, just before the launch of Orange’s Livebox 6

Bouygues Telecom formalizes the marketing of its new Bbox WiFi 6E, just before the launch of Orange's Livebox 6

The new Bbox Ultym offer with WiFi 6E from Bouygues Telecom will be offered to all new subscribers from April 25.

The box war continues through communication and innovation. At a time when Orange is recruiting with a vengeance on fiber, aided by an accelerated migration of its substantial ADSL fleet, followed by Free, Bouygues Telecom is matching commercial performance “at its level”, even managing to beat the incumbent fixed-line operator. to match. SFR is not keeping up commercially, but still trying to seduce, as evidenced by the February launch of are SFR Box 8X, and its promise of 8Gbit/s, supported by WiFi 6, or “the most powerful box on the market” in his words. Today, if Free surfs on the success of its Freeboxes, from the eternal revolution to Pop via the Delta whose subscription can be adjusted in terms of TV box, the competition is now trying to cast a shadow on the operator of Xavier Niel in the field of innovation.

First of all, Bouygues Telecom announcing the commercialization of its new Bbox Fiber modem, equipped with WiFi 6E technology in all its sales channels, from April 25. The first operator on the market to launch this new authorized standard since December last year, the Bouygues subsidiary started equipping it last month several hundred Bbox Ultym customers† Therefore, a new Wi-Fi card has been integrated into the Bbox Fiber Wi-Fi 6 modem to make it Tri-Band, adding the 6 GHz frequency in addition to the usual 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz. Which means more throughput, lower latency and more connections at once.

“With the arrival of its WiFi 6E modem, Bouygues Telecom continues its innovation strategy by offering the best WiFi at home to meet the connectivity needs of French people at home. We were ranked number 1 for our WiFi by the nPerf barometer in March 2022”† If this controlled communication formalization takes place specifically on April 5, it is not trivial. The operator voluntarily takes the lead on the eve of the presentation and launch of the new Orange Livebox 6, which offers both WiFi 6 and WiFi 6E, as well as faster speeds. On the design side, Orange’s new baby will play the verticality card, like the Bouygues Telecom server. Quite a symbol.

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