Cdiscount trying to break its site? Sky-high prices everywhere

Last shine yet at Cdiscount: mass promotions on its site. And the key to this success are the two promotional codes given by the site to take advantage of additional discounts on already very competitive prices! But don’t wait too long, these offers have a limited duration and end next Thursday!

Cdiscount is a major player in online sales and is currently offering several promotional codes to further reduce the prices of flagship products. Smart TV, laptops, smartphone, tablets, connected objects, they are all here and we can say that it is clearly the time to get started!

You can take advantage of discounts by using the following codes:

  • 25€ from 299€ purchase for everyone with the code 25DES299
  • €50 from €499 purchase for unlimited Cdiscount members with the code CDAV50EUROS

Take advantage of the Fantastic 4 days at Cdiscount

To be able to use the second code, you must participate in the Cdiscount program at will. With the latter, you will enjoy many benefits, including private sales, free express delivery and much more!

Join the Cdiscount program at will

This supply decreases sharply during this period. Indeed, the winter sale is over, the summer sale is not here yet. Likewise, the following promotional periods should not arrive before June!

So if you want to do business it’s kinda dead. However, thanks to Cdiscount you can save a lot. Indeed, these two codes allow you to significantly reduce the price of many products.

And as we know, in the field of hardware, high-tech, connected objects and telephony, as soon as we want to get quality, it is necessary to turn to quality brands and equipment.

Because in the long run it is more expensive to buy cheap products. Although you pay less, the chance of breakage is much greater. And if you have already switched devices three times after 5 years, you have spent much more than if you had turned to a more well-known and quality brand.

But we recognize it, it can be expensive to invest in certain equipment. And when you have to swap both smartphone and wireless headphones, the bill can quickly add up.

That is why it is interesting to rely on sellers like Cdiscount who can offer you many discounts at different times of the year, which can reduce the bill significantly.

With the 4 fantastic days, Cdiscount offers a great operation that allows you to save a lot on all your purchases, especially in the field of high-tech.

The 4 fantastic days at Cdiscount: The top of the best offers

If there’s one thing Cdiscount can rely on, it’s its catalog of goods and equipment. And with such a choice one can get lost. That is why we offer you the best offers currently available at Cdiscount. As a reminder, it is necessary to enter a promotional code in the leaflet provided when validating your shopping cart to take advantage of the discount. And don’t forget, the offer ends on Thursday 7 April.

  • 25€ from 299€ purchase for everyone with the code 25DES299
  • €50 from €499 purchase for unlimited Cdiscount members with the code CDAV50EUROS

Take advantage of the Fantastic 4 days at Cdiscount

The second code requires you to be part of the Cdiscount program at will. The latter gives you access to many promotions, private sales and even free express delivery!

Join the Cdiscount program at will

The Lenovo Legion 15-inch gaming laptop with an RTX 3060 for under €850

Here we are in front of a PC that has largely proven itself. Lenovo has developed a lot of expertise in the field of laptops and this Legion 5 already offers a configuration in line with what we currently find. An RTX 3060, an AMD Ryzen 5 5600H processor, 8 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD!

Buy the Lenovo Legion Ryzen 5 for €849 with the code CDAV50EUROS at Cdiscount

Promotion on the Samsung Galaxy M12

Although it has a lower amount than requested by the codes, this smartphone can still make an excellent choice and will replenish your shopping cart enough to take advantage of the discount. This entry-level smartphone is designed to be efficient, has 64 GB of internal memory and is mainly equipped with a battery of 5000 mAh. More than enough to use it all day long!

Buy the Samsung Galaxy M12 for €149 at Cdiscount

Enjoy a 65 inch Samsung smart TV for less than €600!

How to enjoy 4K cheaply? It’s easy, just go to the Samsung 65TU7022. The latter is 163 cm diagonal and you can immerse yourself in your programs with the built-in functions. With the code CDAV50EUROS you can also reduce the price by 50€! However, you must be a member of Discount at will

Buy the Samsung 65 inch TV for €565 at Cdiscount

The Urbanglide 100max folding electric scooter for less than €230

There we stand in front of one of the most desirable scooters on the market. The Urbanglide 100Max has a power of 350W for a weight of less than 15kg. Responding to current standards (maximum speed: 25 km/h), this scooter offers comfort and ease of driving that are very welcome in the city!

Buy the Urbanglide 100MAX scooter for €229 at Cdiscount

The 17-inch MSI Katan laptop for €1049!

This laptop is currently highly sought after because of the configuration it offers. Thus, we are faced with an RTX 3060 that benefits from the presence of an 11th generation Intel i7 processor. You can count on 16GB of RAM and, above all, 512GB SSD. All in a 17-inch chassis. A large portable PC that could completely replace a fixed PC.

Buy the MSI Katana Laptop for €1099 at Cdiscount

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 4G is eligible for the promotion!

It is one of the most requested smartphones of the moment, the S20 FE 4G is a smartphone that has many advantages. Autonomy, power, image, photo, video and even internal capacity… even though the S22 has already been released, the S20 FE remains very relevant! In addition, with the discount, it is available for less than 400€!

Buy the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE for €399 at Cdiscount

We think the AirPods 2 have a very competitive price

Cdiscount is offering second-generation AirPods for less than $130, we’re clearly not on the amounts offered for promo codes. However, from a macro point of view, it is a purchase to consider in order to complete your basket and arrive at the amount needed to take advantage of the discount. So by adding this to your basket you are granting yourself Apple’s knowledge and technology in True Wireless wireless listening and sound management!

Buy AirPods 2 for €128 at Cdiscount

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