For a week, “France is the world capital of blockchain,” explains Emmanuel Fenet. from

Emmanuel Fenet organized salons many years before Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoin invented. But in recent months he has become a specialist in blockchain, leading the fate of the largest French exhibition devoted to this technology, the Paris Blockchain Week Summit ( PBWS, Apr 13-14). For the 2022 edition, to be held at the Palais Brongniart, in the heart of the capital, it innovates by devoting a full day to NFTs, the Paris NFT Day on April 12, including 20 Minutes and its project 20 minutes his mate. Presentation of this very busy day.

A special day for NFTs, the non-fungible tokens that everyone has been talking about for months. This is proof that it is a separate phenomenon, even more media than the blockchain…

The NFT is a certificate of authenticity that is inviolable because it is on the blockchain, this technology that we could define as a creator of trust. Without one, the other does not exist. During the PBWS, France is the blockchain capital of the world. We quickly realized that we couldn’t avoid the NFT boom this week. But we have made a very special decision: to focus mainly on companies, by giving them everything they need to know about this innovation to integrate it into their activity. And leave with everything you need to get started…

Is it a training day?

There will be masterclasses all day long, yes, to understand the metaverse or the NFTs in 1h30. But there will be much more. On the one hand, conferences with world-renowned experts and on the other, five rooms to experience a large part of the concrete applications based on NFTs for yourself.

Do you have an art gallery?

Yes, with about thirty screens showing the works of an exhibition we’ve curated for, as well as two virtual galleries that we’ll be visiting with a headset. Art is indeed one of the universes we will find on NFT Day, but it is the best represented area in Paris, with galleries and exhibitions all year round. The other parts are probably less expected.

Like the video game part?

Indeed, we have a space dedicated to gaming, an industry that understood very early on the usefulness we could derive from NFTs, to offer players a slightly more personalized experience than the classic avatar and pseudonym. There will also be a space dedicated to sports, with the exception of e-gaming, where we will discuss what NFTs can bring to competitions and to athletes.


We welcome Patrick Mouratoglou, the coach of Serena Williams, who comes to explain how he will fund his stable of young talents through the NFTs. But also what he does with the Ultimate Tennis Showdownthe tennis league he founded to renew the sport.

And the metaverse, the other media phenomenon of the year?

We’re going to talk about it a lot, of course. We have a whole room with helmets, computers, interfaces where we can live an experience in the metaverse† For our part, we have built a pavilion in Decentraland (one of the most important virtual worlds) where our visitors can go to follow the conferences in streaming, or discuss with the different exhibitors and network. And if they go to the reception of this pavilion, they can pick up NFTs for free.

Is it a show on NFTs from where we start with NFTs?

And that can be accessed through NFTs, as there exists a version of the ticket in the form of a non-fungible token. Those who buy it gain access to spaces and parties by showing they own it. We went even further and sold one of our booths as NFT. It’s a world first.

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