Bara: How Xavi Made Dembl Extension Possible

Announced to leave next summer, Ousmane Dembl could finally stay at FC Barcelona. Largely thanks to his coach, Xavi.


Xavi hopes to keep Dembl this summer

Everything moves very quickly in football, the Ousmane Dembl file (24 years old) is further proof of that. While his exit at the end of his contract in June seemed to have taken effect a few weeks ago, the French winger could finally expand to FC Barcelona.

Xavi fought for his player

This turnaround bears the mark of one man: Xavi. Since his arrival on the bench in November, the Barcelona coach has worked hard to convince the Habs to stay in Catalonia. But everything could have come crashing down in January, when the former Rennais did not accept his management’s extension offer and refused to leave during the winter transfer window.

After this refusal, management wanted to send the player to the stands for the rest of the season. The Terrassa resident insisted that this should not happen, and was victorious. Without this intervention, Dembl would not be playing since the end of January. And there is no doubt that an extension would then have become a totally impossible scenario.

Xavi promotes Dembl

Also supported by his coach after the whistles that accompanied his return to the field in February after two games on the sidelines, Dembl appreciates his relationship with Xavi. The latter has multiplied the declarations of love to his player and stated that he wanted to make him the best in the world in his position. For this, he does not hesitate to give him valuable advice, especially during the many hours of video that the two men share.

Xavi’s hard work is paying off on the pitch as the Frenchman has scored one goal and eight assists in the last seven La Liga games. Also behind the scenes, as Sport says the player has already told his coach and team-mates, who see him more involved than ever, that he wanted to stay in Catalonia next summer. It remains to be seen whether both parties will agree on the financial aspect.

The dialogue resumes

On Monday, sporting director Mateu Alemany traveled to Marrakech to meet the Frenchman’s agent and remind him of the limits of Bara: an annual salary of 8 million euros for the first year (ie 4 million euros less than the player’s current income) with moluments adjusted upwards the following seasons. He and his agents have known our position for almost a year. For us he can stay, as long as we have sustainable and proportionate salaries, his teammates he explained on Sunday. Is the Dembl clan ready to make an effort?

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