mobilize the platforms against illegal work

Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Frichti and Stuart have signed a charter.

The food delivery market has seen spectacular growth over the past two years. However, it was accompanied by the parallel development of illegal work. Delivery platforms such as Deliveroo, Uber Eats or Frichti do not want to pay their deliverers, whom they employ as freelancers. This practice has its perverse effects: some of the delivery drivers irregularly sublet the account that allows them to work for one of these platforms, receiving a commission. At the end of the chain, it is often undocumented migrants who deliver the dishes for very low wages, or minors who cannot work under their true identity.

For several months now, the government has been encouraging platforms to combat fraud and irregular subletting of these accounts more effectively. These discussions led to the development of a charter, which was signed on Tuesday by four of the main delivery platforms in France: Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Stuart and Frichti. The charter aims to strengthen and harmonize the resources deployed by these platforms to fight fraud.

professional elections

One of the measures they take is the monthly check of the documents that a delivery person must submit in order to benefit from an account. As soon as the turnover linked to an account exceeds 5,000 euros, an additional check must be carried out. The real identity of the deliverers must also be checked weekly, either on the platforms of the platforms or remotely by means of a selfie.

Every quarter a point will be made with the Directorate-General for Labor to monitor the progress of the platforms in the fight against fraud. † This is to ensure that good practices are disseminatedwe explain to the Ministry of Labour.Several hundred fake accounts have been deactivated since the discussions started. Some platforms had already taken steps in this direction. For example, Deliveroo and Uber Eats recently implemented such a selfie identity verification system.

This is to ensure that good practices are disseminated. Several hundred fake accounts have already been deactivated since the discussions started

The Ministry of Labour

Uber Eats has begun an audit of the data it has on all of its 50,000 deliverers. It is deactivated every monthbetween a few dozen and 300 fake accounts “. In addition to combating illegal labour, the Ministry of Labor aims to structure social dialogue in this sector.”Delivery workers must be represented so that their working conditions improve “, we underline the Ministry of Labor. The first elections will be held in May.

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