The Paris Stock Exchange Soars in Very Low Trading Volumes, Market News

The Paris stock exchange ends this Monday session on the rise; the Bedroom 40 rose 0.7% to 6,731.37 points on low trading volumes. Initiatives are very limited given the still uncertain international context. Moreover, the fact that the arms production company Thales (+3.02%) signs the best performance of the day in the Paris flagship index, pointing to a market doubting a ceasefire in Ukraine

The withdrawal of the Russia from the north of the country, to focus in the east, this weekend revealed the atrocities committed by the occupying forces. In the face of terror, United States and Europe have called for new sanctions against Moscow. The European Union remains divided on whether to impose an embargo on gas this time and oil- Russians. Lithuania and Poland, for their part, have already decided to stop importing them. l’Germany remains very reserved. The German economy faces a serious recession if Russian hydrocarbon imports are halted as part of the sanctions linked to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, warned the chairman of the board of directors of Deutsche Bank in his capacity as chairman of the country’s banking federation.

Emmanuel Macron calls on him to stop buying Russian oil and coal. The EU will meet on Wednesday to discuss a new package of measures, the Financial times citing diplomatic sources. † It is hoped that talks will continue towards a ceasefire and withdrawal of Russian troops, but judging by the way the process has developed so far, this is unlikely to happen anytime soon. summarizes Craig Erlam, market analyst at Oanda.

Oil prices are rising again

Both wheat and oil prices are rising again today, but without rising TotalEnergies (-0.24%). The course of Brent of the North Sea rose by 3.5% to USD 108 a barrel, although the United States decided late last week to tap into its strategic reserves as never before. In addition, it is all member states of the International Energy Agency, including France, who will be pumping into reserves to try to push the price of oil down.

Talks between Russia and Ukraine continued today by videoconference. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken gave President Zelensky the green light that Ukraine can offer Russia the lifting of Western sanctions in exchange for peace on behalf of the United States.

On Wall Street, the Dow Jones is stable, while the S&P500 increased by 0.5% and the Nasdaq Composite wins 1.4%. Twitter jumps 25% following Elon Musk’s 9.2% stake in the network’s capital.

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