what is the new offer of Livebox 6 worth compared to the Freebox Delta?

Clash of the boxes: what is the new offer of Livebox 6 worth compared to the Freebox Delta?

Orange today launches its brand new Livebox Max offer, the only way to get its latest server, the Livebox 6. With a resolutely premium positioning, it is a direct competitor to the Freebox Delta. Univers Freebox offers you a comparison to find out which one is most suitable for you.

Freebox Delta and Livebox Max compete in the clash of boxes today. Who will win? In terms of price, the offers are quite similar and both aim to provide a top experience while opting for different strategies regarding internet performance. Here is a table summarizing the key features of the two offerings at the time of writing these lines.

From this table we can conclude that, as is often the case, the Freebox Delta turns out to be a more complete and even cheaper offer than the Livebox Max. If Orange has made small efforts regarding the integration of content with paid reruns of TF1 included, Free continues to dominate this area by offering a plethora of (among others) SVOD services that are included or offered for a period of time. Likewise, the Freebox Delta offers more options for the most tech-savvy subscribers, including the NAS server or the ability to create virtual machines, for example.

However, the main asset of the Livebox Max offer clearly remains the server and here it is difficult to make a judgment. While Free chose to offer impressive wired performance, connecting up to 8Gbit/s in fiber, Orange has gone in a different direction by favoring wireless connectivity with WiFi.6E, for a “WiFissime” experience. This raises the question of usage, specific to each subscriber: if it can be argued that some users do indeed need an ultra-fast wired connection for specific uses, it can be argued that a more efficient Wi-Fi is better suited to more general use of the Internet. However, it is important to note that in any case, to take advantage of the maximum of what these offers offer, compatible equipment is needed. However, 8Gbit/s connectivity and WiFi 6E are not yet democratized on the market. The two operators have thus made a bet on the future by offering innovative solutions or at least advancing their time, it’s up to you to see which one you prefer.

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