Benzema was one of the most underrated players

Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel was there for the traditional pre-match press briefing before facing Real Madrid in the Champions League.

A reaction after the loss to Brentford : “We had a day off and that was important to process that. We talk about it, but we didn’t make a point of it either. We set ourselves new goals and didn’t like what was happening. It was atypical for us and we consider it an exception. We’re not going to afford not to focus on tomorrow’s game, that’s what we need.”

The absence of Ancelotti : “I’m sure he can hold his own and lead the team (even from a distance), but it’s always better to be there and have a direct impact. As coaches, we don’t like being on the fringes of the group, we communicate through smiles and words. I hope he can do it and I have information that he will try to be there tomorrow night.”

Is Kovacic a star? “I think the process for that is still ongoing. You see him as a child prodigy in some exercises in training. He trained incredibly well today and he is a fantastic person. He is a nice man, humble and very interested in the sport. He is I am happy to train and help the team. It is a pleasure to have him. Even when he was in Madrid I was aware of his talent and I felt that his moment was coming. is crucial for us on and off the field.”

The atmosphere : “We need the audience, but we also have to be the best on the field. We’re the first to recognize that.”

Which Real player would he recruit? “You like to ask this question about the opponent and I usually don’t answer, but here I will. I would sign Karim Benzema if I could. He was one of the most underrated players a few years ago. is impressive.”

The difference with last year “It just has nothing to do with it. Frankly, I didn’t see last season’s showdown to prepare for the game.”

Real 2022 vs past : “It is difficult to maintain the same level after winning the league three times in a row. They relied on the same team for a long time, but it is normal for the cycles to change at some point. This match is special and the opponent also. motivates us.”

Do the back to back : “It is terribly tough. It is of course a huge challenge, but we like that.”

Benzema : “He is an exceptional player and with a great personality. But it is unfair to talk only about him and not about Modric, Kroos, Casemiro and all the other players who have carried the team to all the successes of the past years.”

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