the chilling account of a witness of the fight, “if he could have done that, he would have killed him with his fists”

In the columns of The teama local resident who witnessed the fight between the rugby player and Loïk Le Priol gives a startling testimony.

After the flight to Hungary, Loïk Le Priol sleeps behind bars in Paris. The 27-year-old man Former Marine Commando and figure of the far-right movement, is suspected of opening fire on former Argentine rugby player Federico Martin Aramburu, who was shot dead on March 19 after an altercation at a bar in Saint-Germain-des-Près. Just over fifteen days after the events, the testimony of a local resident who attended the first fight was published this Wednesday by The team sheds a sharp light on the determination and violence of the prime suspect.

Awakened by yelling and insults

This morning I sleep. Despite the double glazing, I wake up to screams and insults. My first instinct is to go and have a look. It is about 5.55 am, which is confirmed by video surveillance images (…) Despite the time, many people are standing in front of the windows, which testifies to the violence of the scene. It’s so violent, determined, and the guy on the ground doesn’t react so much, that I tell myself for a split second that he must have screwed up and that he’s “accepting” to get a spanking”says the witness, marked by “the determination of one of the boysLoik Le Priol in this case.

“Hegarty scared them too much. It’s a wardrobe!”

He tries to get back inside (after being separated from his victim by the bar staff), he continues to yell insults but is stopped by someone I don’t know. I’m sure if he could have gone back, he would have. I think if he could have killed him with his fists, he would have killed him with his fists. He yelled “Your mother the whore!”» continues the local resident according to whom Aramburu «just got screwed and doesn’t even try to hit back (…) He didn’t want to fight, of course notIt’s very subjective, but now that I know the profile of the protagonists, I think they went after Aramburu because (Shaun) Hegarty (the friend of the Argentinian who accompanied him) scared them too much. It’s a wardrobe!

Heard for hours at the crime scene by the detectives, the local resident, who left his home after hearing the shots, wanted to testify in The team because “nobody talks about this fight it was short but super violent† In action he saw Le Priol make an attemptto take something out of his pocket several times! I wanted to scream, I didn’t. I told myself “they’ll take me for a psychopath”. I told myself it’s a knife at worstFights, I’ve seen a few, but this is weird, it’s the first time I felt like it could go on, add the neighbor† He (the suspected attacker) seemed so determined. No one seemed to be able to calm him down.

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