An Xbox Series X can now be yours!

News good deal An Xbox Series X can now be yours!

Even more than a year after its release, the Xbox Series X is still hard to find, and many fans of the console’s legendary outcasts remain frustrated. Powerful and stylish, it’s back in the shops, but not for very long.

The Xbox Series X is here, or maybe more!

Look at the time this article was posted, and if it’s less than an hour old, you’re in luck. It is likely that there are still a few Series X left in the stock that has just reappeared. We invite you to quickly visit the links below so as not to miss this opportunity.

Update 04/07/2022 at 2:42 pm: out of stock.

Update 04/07/2022 at 13:35: The Xbox Series X is available at intersection

Don’t worry if you arrived late, we will always keep you informed when a new supply appears.

Why are Xbox Series X hard to find?

Unveiled amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the disease and shortage are sadly still current. As of November 10, 2020, Microsoft’s latest console has nearly sold out and doesn’t seem to want to invite itself into gamers’ living rooms.

There are two main reasons for this more than annoying situation. The first has already been mentioned above: the virus species that disrupts world trade a bit. And even if it tended to disappear in recent months, the impact it has had continues to affect availability.

The second concerns the shortages of electronic components around the world. That applies to many products and the console of the American giant is not spared either. It is full of various metals and other materials that are subject to shortages and analysts don’t seem to see the end of it.

Unlike Sony’s console, Microsoft has decided to please everyone by launching a model for every type of use. It is a novelty in the history of Xbox, with a variation in two different versions.

The first is the Series S, which has an immaculate white with a large black circle on the side. The importance is to offer a cheaper option for those who don’t have 499€ to spend, but can still enjoy a next-gen experience. There are limitations of course, with a maximum resolution of 1440p. It also comes with just 512 GB of storage.

The other model is the one that interests us here, the Series X. With its generous build and its all-black design, we immediately understand that we are dealing with the premium version. You can go up to 4K at 120 FPS in games for a smoothness and sharpness never seen before on a console. With 1TB of internal storage, we have enough to stack the games in our virtual library.

As you can imagine, the Series S, which retails for €299 and is cheaper than the Series X, will be available anytime at the regular price. It’s less powerful and less appealing, but it’s more than enough coffee when it comes to playing all possible games in a very satisfying way.

The Series X still has undeniable advantages and will satisfy those who want the best. The retail price is 499 €, the same as from the beginning. As is often the case with these products that last for many years, their value usually stays in place for a while.

However, if you see higher prices, it is a phenomenon called scalping. Although it is much more present in the PS5 trade, it can also be found for the Series X. The principle is to aim for a product that is in high demand and that is regularly out of stock. The perpetrators of this “mischief”, the scalpers, rush to the consoles when they appear and are happy to resell them at a higher price.

To have a Series X at a reasonable price, you have to be patient and be on your guard. It is essential to create an account on each of the major resale sites that frequently offer new stock.

  • Check Xbox Series X stock at Amazon
  • View Xbox Series X Shares at Fnac
  • View Xbox Series X Shares at Cdiscount
  • View Xbox Series X Shares at Micromania
  • View Xbox Series X Shares at Leclerc

Are you hesitant to take an Xbox series? The game pass has to convince you

This is probably one of the main reasons you want an Xbox Series X, and we get you. If this is not the case and you are not yet aware of it, know that Microsoft offers a great solution so that you do not have to pay for all your games separately: the Game Pass.

It’s a catalog of PC games, next-gen or from previous consoles, all of which can be accessed through a regular monthly payment. For €9.99 you can choose between PC or console titles, and €3 more gives you access to all games and cloud gaming to play on (almost) any device.

Sony is currently counter-attacking by trying to develop its own monthly subscription system with a new catalog. PlayStation Plus merges with PlayStation Now to offer three tiers: Essential, Extra and Premium, the latter two offering hundreds of games with unlimited availability.

For now, Game Pass remains the best option for discovering countless games, and we hope you can enjoy it on your Series X soon.

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