Army says it killed ‘203 terrorist fighters’ in Sahel . operation

Major surgery in the sahel† The Malian army said in a statement Friday evening that it had killed “203 fighters” from “armed terrorist groups” during an operation in a central Sahel region. from Mali conducted from 23 to 31 March.

This “large-scale” operation, which took place “in the Moura area 17 kilometers northeast of Kouakjourou in the circle of Djenné”, made it possible to kill “203 fighters” from “armed groups”. terrorists “, in addition to” the arrest of 51 people “and the salvage” of significant amounts of weapons and ammunition,” the army said in its press release. AFP could not verify the death toll of the Malian army.

Dozens killed by terrorism

In recent weeks, jihadist violence has killed dozens of civilians in central-eastern Mali and the so-called three-border region (between Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso, editor’s note), the UN mission (Minusma) in the country has collapsed since 2012 stir and stir.

This vast expanse is the theatre violence and clashes between many of the armed organizations (regular and irregular) present on the ground, including between al-Qaeda-affiliated groups and the Islamic State organization. The jihadists are accused of attacking civilians they suspect are collaborating with or informing their enemies. At the same time, NGOs and ex-rebels accuse the Malian Armed Forces (FAMa) of alleged abuses.

UN calls for compliance with ‘international obligations’

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, in a report submitted to the Security Council this week, called on the country’s military and its “bilateral partners” to honor their “international obligations” during counter-terrorism operations. In Mali, “the human rights situation remains precarious, mainly due to deliberate and widespread attacks on civilians by suspected extremist armed groups. In some cases, counter-terrorism operations have also had disastrous consequences for the civilian population, especially in central Mali,” he said in his report.

The Malian army replied in a press release Friday evening that “respect for human rights and international humanitarian law remains a priority when conducting operations”. The staff “invites the public to exercise restraint against defamatory speculation against the FAMa”.

Nearly 18,000 people have arrived in Niger after fleeing fierce fighting in northern Mali between various armed groups, the UN also announced on Friday.

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