Presidential 2022: Yannick mocked Jadot after forgetting that Bulgaria and Romania were part of the European Union

The Europe Ecologie les Verts candidate for the presidential elections on April 10 and 24 was corrected by children for geographical issues during the program Au Tableau, broadcast on Sunday 27 March on C8.

“I’ve always struggled with geography”admitted Yannick Jadot, this Monday about Europe 1. Boundaries exposed this Sunday evening in the program Au Tableau!, in which the candidates for the presidential elections face a class of children.

First, the children asked the politician to locate several European countries on the map, including Lithuania and Estonia, which he confused and whose capitals he had forgotten.

ud83cuddeaud83cuddfaud83dude31 Incredible order. Yannick Jadot, MEP and presidential candidate:

ud83dudc49 does not know that Bulgaria and Romania are in the EU
ud83dudc49 do not know how to place Lithuania and Estonia
ud83dudc49 don’t know their capital letters#To the board #Presidential2022

— Maxime Herault (@MaximeHerault) March 27, 2022

Bulgaria and Romania in the EU

The schoolchildren encounter this correction and then ask the MEP about the capitals of Romania and Bulgaria, a little further down the map. “But you told me to see the countries that are part of the European Union” continues Jadot, again corrected by the children: “But it is part of the European Union.”

Some were amused by this scene on the socials, others were downright rebellious because a politician in his third term as an MEP makes such mistakes. This is especially the case of Maxime Hérault, member of “Youth with Macron”, who “incredible order” or even the former presidential candidate François Asselinau who denounces the 712 sponsorship that the candidate EELV in “miserable level”while he did not have the necessary 500.

Deputy ud83cuddea ud83cuddfa for 12½ years, he confuses the Baltic States and does not know that Bulgaria and Romania are members of ud83c uddea ud83c uddfa.
u26a0ufe0f This great geopolitician wants to blindly support the agentud83cuddfaud83cuddf8Zelensky, even if it means waging war against Russia.

He had 712 sponsorship, I 293.

— François Asselineau (@UPR_Asselineau) March 28, 2022

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